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7 Must-Visit Best Nightclubs in Rome, Italy


There are several excellent clubs in Rome. However, keep in mind that the actual fun doesn’t begin until after midnight before you dance the night away! So take your time, enjoy an aperitivo, or perhaps treat yourself to a wine tasting. There are countless alternatives. When you’re prepared to dance the night away, visit any of these nightclubs in Rome.

Rome is a timeless city with a lengthy history that dates back thousands of years, but there are still many current nightlife activities to enjoy. It’s now simpler than ever to pick an experience to love based on your unique preferences thanks to the diversity of nightclubs in Rome.

Check out the top 7 must-visit nightclubs in Rome that you shouldn’t miss.



The largest and most well-known nightclub in Rome is called Qube. Qube is the place to go if you are interested in dancing all night and enjoying the newest hip-hop music. This disco is highly distinctive because it has so many themed rooms.

7 Must-Visit Best Nightclubs in Rome, Italy 10

Dance music is played on the upper level, while the lower floor features a large disco. The first floor has concerts. Plan your visit following the upcoming events listed on their website.

Address: Via di Portonaccio, 212, 00159 Roma RM, Italy

Opening hours: Fri – Sat: 10 PM – 4 AM (closed on Sun – Thu)

Toy Room

A chain of nightclubs called Toy Room has venues worldwide. This club is literally in the center of the city because it is situated in Piazza Barberini. One of Rome’s busiest clubs, you should definitely reserve a table here to guarantee entrance.

7 Must-Visit Best Nightclubs in Rome, Italy 11

Additionally, because of how exclusive this club is, getting a table here is a surefire method to get in. One of the best nightclubs in Rome, with a bear as the mascot, cool neon signs throughout, and upbeat music.

Address: Via Degli Avignonesi, 73, 00187 Roma RM, Italy

Opening hours: Fri – Sun: 12 AM – 4:30 AM (closed on Mon – Thu)

Circolo Degli Illuminati

One of the top-recommended underground discos and nightclubs in Rome is Circolo Degli Illuminati. The club features a wide range of musical styles. The main room typically holds House-Tech House evenings, Room 2 is used for Hip Hop, and Room 3 is the ideal location to unwind while sipping on the glass to chilled music.

7 Must-Visit Best Nightclubs in Rome, Italy 12

The Circolo degli Illuminati also has a new Salotto, an outside green space where you can have an aperitivo, supper, or beverage with DJ sets from Thursday to Sunday. Prepare for Game on Fridays, a night catered to student crowds with three clubrooms playing a variety of music (house, hip hop, and commercial).

Address: Via Giuseppe Libetta, 1, 00154 Roma RM, Italy

Website: Circolo Degli Illuminati

Opening hours: 6:30 PM – 3 AM (daily)

Shari Vari Playhouse

A casual French-style cafe, a trendy nightclub, and a fine-dining Italian restaurant are all part of Shari Vari, one of the most lavish and sophisticated nightclubs in Rome.

7 Must-Visit Best Nightclubs in Rome, Italy 13

Accordingly, you may choose from any of the eating alternatives, enjoy a few drinks with your meal, and then go to their chic nightclub to dance the night away.

Tuesday through Sunday, 6 p.m. till late at night, Shari Vari is open for aperitifs, dinners, and DJ sets. Tuesday has Hip Hop & House Music, Wednesday Latin & Vaporwave, Thursday Electro Pop & Edm, Friday “Nitebox” is Urban & Deep House, and Saturday “Playhouse” features Hop Hop & Edm.

Address: Via di Torre Argentina, 78, 00186 Roma RM, Italy

Website: Shari Vari

Opening hours: Tues – Sun: 6 PM – 4 AM Closed on Monday

Room 26

For its 12th gloriously loud season, Room 26 reopened its doors in September. The 26 amplifiers, which already set this location apart from other nightclubs in the Rome scene, were joined by a 186 square meter area of light lead walls, that display imagery and play visual games in time with the club’s house and commercial music.

7 Must-Visit Best Nightclubs in Rome, Italy 14

The main goal of Room26 is to bring artists and their creative potential into direct contact, regardless of the demands of the art and music markets. A dedicated party is held every Thursday at the club, the long-running Milkshake Party, making it one of the few dancehall nightclubs in Rome.

Address: Piazza Guglielmo Marconi

Website: Room26

Opening hours: Saturday: 11 PM – 4:30 AM (closed throughout the week)

Art Cafe

The Art Cafe is not your typical bar because of its classically inspired design and flashing neon lights. One of the most distinctive nightclubs in Rome that plays dance songs and hosts live performances throughout the evening.

7 Must-Visit Best Nightclubs in Rome, Italy 15

It is highly advised that you reserve a table in advance because this location is very well-liked by both residents and tourists. The music is good; it’s a nice blend of hip-hop, electronic music, and a few Spanish songs. So get ready to dance the nights off!

Address: Viale del Galoppatoio, 33, 00197 Roma RM, Italy

Opening hours: Fri – Sat: 12 AM – 5:30 AM (closed on Sun – Thu)

Piper Club

Piper Club is one of the popular nightclubs in Rome that is located in a basement. This club frequently features house music, techno sounds, and occasionally even live indie band performances. So if you enjoy spending time at live music venues, you must check out this place as well. Piper Club is essentially to Rome what Studio 54 was to New York.

7 Must-Visit Best Nightclubs in Rome, Italy 16

Given that this club is among the oldest in Rome, you can be sure that some longtime patrons will be there. Basically, Piper Club is the place to go if you want to dance to house music all night long! The dates and times of the future activities are listed on their website or Facebook page.

Address: Via Tagliamento, 9, 00198 Roma RM, Italy

Opening hours: Fri – Sat: 12 AM – 5 AM; (closed on Sun -Thu)

Wrapping Up the Best Nightclubs in Rome

When you visit Rome, are you in the mood to party? You may dance until the earliest hours of the morning every night if you use our list of the greatest nightclubs in Rome, Italy.

The people’s love of partying makes the nightlife in this city exciting and dynamic. The best thing about them is their kindness, which will instantly put you at ease and make you fall in love with their way of life.

Please share your experiences with the top nightclubs in Rome that you went to during your vacation in the comments section below with our audience.

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