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Shopping in Verona Italy: Best 7 Captivating Shopping Destinations


The best locations for shopping in Verona Italy range from local malls to shops in the city center. Romeo and Juliet, a spectacular Roman amphitheater, and charming Old Town alleyways make this fascinating city famous.

Additionally, it provides visitors with an exciting range to explore, ranging from modern to traditional via a booming antiques scene, even though it may not compare to many capital cities for the sheer volume of businesses.

Therefore, you’ll find a location that’s right for you whether you’re seeking some famed Verona leather, the newest in designer clothing, or that beautiful antique vase.

Verona is a fantastic place to go shopping, especially when you consider its stunning historical structures and the variety of city markets that are available virtually every day.

If you are planning a long visit to Italy do explore our best destinations for Shopping in Italy.


Best places for shopping in Verona Italy

When it comes to shopping in Verona, Italy, you’ll find a plethora of options to satisfy your retail cravings.

From the bustling streets of Via Mazzini, where boutiques showcasing renowned Italian fashion labels await, to the charming Via Cappello with its gift shops and apparel stores, Verona offers an array of shopping experiences.

Le Corti Venete, located just a few miles from the city, provides a spacious out-of-town shopping destination with numerous boutiques and eateries.

For those seeking a mall experience, Grand’Affi Shopping Center and Adigeo Shopping Mall offer a wide range of stores and dining options. And don’t forget to explore the vibrant markets, like Piazza San Zeno, where you can discover unique treasures.

Verona truly stands as one of Italy’s best places for a memorable shopping adventure. Let’s explore the top 7 destinations for shopping in Verona Italy.

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#1: Shopping at Via Mazzini Verona Italy

The major shopping street in Verona is called Via Mazzini (or Via Giuseppe Mazzini). It connects the two largest squares in the city, Piazza Erbe and Piazza Bra. Tourists who want to browse the many boutiques selling all the well-known Italian fashion labels flock to it frequently.

Shopping in Verona Italy: Best 7 Captivating Shopping Destinations 7

A fantastic place to get away from the sun during the sweltering summer months is Via Mazzini, a small lane with tall buildings on either side. And if you take a brief moment to look down, you’ll notice that the roadway is entirely lined with marble.

If you spend an hour or two browsing the clothes boutiques, shoe stores, and jewelers on this street, you’ll understand why Verona residents consider it to be a shopping paradise.

#2: Shopping at Le Corti Venete Verona Italy

Despite being only a few miles from Verona, Le Corti Venete offers the extra space that an out-of-town property provides. Le Corti Venete may keep you occupied for hours with its more than 60 boutiques and eateries, including a grocery store and department stores.

Italian fashion favorites Calzedonia and Imperial are among the stores, along with multinational labels H&M, Pandora, and Vodafone. There is free parking if you’re driving. Alternatively, you can utilize the weekly Monday through Saturday free shuttle service from central Verona.

Location: Viale del Commercio, 1, 37036 San Martino Buon Albergo VR, Italy

Timings: Daily from 9 am to 9 pm

Contact: +39 045 878 0928

#3: Shopping at Via Cappello Verona Italy

Via Cappello is a little street with many excellent stores. The street narrows as it travels north before spreading once more at Piazza Erbe, which has covered walkways at its southern end. There are several gift shops, particularly in the area of Juliet’s House, a balcony-topped house from the 13th century thought to have served as Shakespeare’s inspiration.

Shopping in Verona Italy: Best 7 Captivating Shopping Destinations 8

Check out the many apparel stores, including Contemporary Camper and Emporio Armani as well as Mango, a mainstay of the high street. Visit Il Minotauro for used books or Intimissimi for intimate apparel. Visit Elk Bakery to enjoy delectable coffee and cake after you’ve finished your shopping.

#4: Shopping at Grand’Affi Shopping Center Verona

A not-so-popular mall but a crucial retail location for the region may be found at the Autostrada exit close to Bardolino on Lake Garda. On a rainy day, if you happen to be nearby, you can explore it. When the mall first opened its doors in 1995, there were only 40 stores within. A second level with 43 additional stores and an underground parking lot was erected in 2013.

Numerous brands are represented, including Sephora, Tezenis, Tally Weijl, Stroili Oro, Pelicano, OBI, Motivi, Mancini Sport, and more! Additionally, there is a food court with a wide selection of foods, as well as many dining options, a bakery, and coffee shops.

Location: Località Canove, 1, 37010 Affi VR, Italy

Timings: Monday – Sunday 9 am-9 pm

#5: Shopping at Corso Sant’ Anastasia Verona Italy

In Verona, Corso Santa Anastasia is a renowned shopping district where you can browse upscale apparel, jewelry, and fragrance options. Some of the top antique stores in the region are located there as well. Although the costs could make you gasp, Corso Santa Anastasia is a luxury shopper’s paradise.

The route connects Piazza Erbe and Piazza Santa Anastasia and is a segment of the oldest Roman road in northern Italy, which connected Genoa to Trieste. Nowadays, shopping in Verona is enjoyable on Corso Santa Anastasia. Along either side of its cobblestone street, it still has some of the most beautiful structures in the city.

#6: Adigeo Shopping Mall Verona Italy

The Adigeo shopping center is located about two miles south of Verona’s city center. It’s spacious, contemporary, and a delight to browse. It contains more than 100 different retailers, a sizable food court with restaurants like McDonald’s and KFC as well as a wide variety of other international cuisines.

Shopping in Verona Italy: Best 7 Captivating Shopping Destinations 9

The majority of the shops at Adigeo are high-street chains, and there are a sizable number of well-known retailers there. Clothing juggernauts H&M, Bershka, Pull & Bear, Guess, and Levi’s are among the stores. Numerous home improvement stores, jewelry stores, electronics stores, and shoe stores carrying brands like New Balance and Vans are also available.

A Verona-Adigeo shuttle is available, and parking (for vehicles and bicycles) is free.

Location: Viale delle Nazioni, 1, 37135 Verona VR, Italy

Timings: Daily from 9 am to 10 pm

Contacts: 39 045 826 4610

#7: Piazza San Zeno

In Verona, to the southwest of the Old Town, is the lovely Piazza San Zeno. The antique market, which occupies the entire plaza on the last Sunday of each month, is the main draw for shoppers. The majestic Basilica of San Zeno, a sizable church that is beautiful on the outside but even more so within, is another reason why many people travel here.

Shopping in Verona Italy: Best 7 Captivating Shopping Destinations 10

There is nothing better than spending a couple of hours leisurely strolling through the bustling market and perusing the wide selection of trinkets on offer. Probably everything, from vintage lights from the 1970s to hardwood furniture in the mid-century modern style and floral vases from the 19th century. The market hosts more than 50 vendors, whose goods draw visitors from all over the world who are collectors.

Final Words

Verona, Italy offers a diverse and exciting shopping experience for visitors.

From the bustling streets of Via Mazzini to the out-of-town charm of Le Corti Venete, there are numerous locations to explore and satisfy your retail cravings.

We hope you like our list of shopping in Verona Italy don’t forget to leave a comment below and let our viewers know which one is your favorite place to do shopping in Verona Italy.

Whether you’re in search of high-end fashion, antiques, or local specialties like Verona leather, this captivating city has it all. Verona’s historical structures and vibrant city markets add an extra layer of charm to your shopping experience. So, immerse yourself in the enchanting atmosphere of Verona and indulge in a memorable shopping spree.


What is Verona known for in Italy?

Verona is known as Little Rome and is a city rich in Roman antiquities, but it is most well-known for being the location of the Romeo and Juliet love story. The impressive Roman Arena (Arena di Verona) serves as the city’s emblem.

What is the major street for shopping in Verona, Italy?

The major retail street of Verona, Via Mazzini, is home to many of the country’s well-known high-street chains and brand names. At the northern end of Piazza Bra is Via Mazzini, and running parallel to it is Corso Porta Borsari, which is also packed with fashion stores and a handful of top-notch shoe stores.

Which is the famous antique market in Verona?

Piazza San Zeno is the biggest attraction for shoppers in the antique market, which takes up the entire plaza on the final Sunday of every month.

What are the best places for shopping in Verona, Italy?

Some of the best places for shopping in Verona, Italy include Via Mazzini, Le Corti Venete, Via Cappello, Grand’Affi Shopping Center, Corso Sant’ Anastasia, Adigeo Shopping Mall, and Piazza San Zeno. Each location offers a unique shopping experience with a variety of stores and boutiques to explore.

Is Verona, Italy a good shopping destination?

Absolutely! Verona is a fantastic shopping destination with a mix of modern and traditional shopping options. Whether you’re interested in fashion, antiques, or local specialties, Verona has something to offer every shopper. The city’s historical structures and lively markets further enhance the overall shopping experience.

Are there any popular malls or shopping centers in Verona, Italy?

Yes, Verona has several popular malls and shopping centers. Le Corti Venete, located a few miles from Verona, offers a wide range of boutiques, department stores, and eateries. The Grand’Affi Shopping Center, situated near Bardolino on Lake Garda, features numerous brands, a food court, and ample parking. Adigeo Shopping Mall, located south of Verona’s city center, boasts over 100 retailers, a food court, and various dining options.

Are there any markets or flea markets in Verona, Italy?

Yes, Verona has markets and flea markets that provide a unique shopping experience. Piazza San Zeno hosts an antique market on the last Sunday of each month, offering a wide selection of vintage items and collectibles. Additionally, the city has various city markets that operate almost every day, where you can find fresh produce, local products, and unique crafts.

 What are some popular international brands available for shopping in Verona, Italy?

Verona offers a range of popular international brands for shoppers. Via Mazzini features boutiques selling renowned Italian fashion labels. Le Corti Venete houses brands like Calzedonia, Imperial, H&M, Pandora, and Vodafone. Adigeo Shopping Mall includes stores such as H&M, Bershka, Pull & Bear, Guess, New Balance, and Vans. These are just a few examples, and there are many more international brands available in Verona.

Is there parking available at the shopping locations in Verona, Italy?

Yes, parking facilities are available at most shopping locations in Verona. Le Corti Venete, Grand’Affi Shopping Center, and Adigeo Shopping Mall offer free parking for visitors. Additionally, Piazza San Zeno and some city markets may have nearby parking options, but availability may vary.

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