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Best 7 Coffee Shops and Cafés in Trondheim: A Coffee Lover’s Guide


Nestled in the heart of Norway, Trondheim is a magnificent treasure full of culture, history, and a distinct Scandinavian charm. The smell of freshly made coffee permeates the cobblestone alleys of this charming city, drawing me in as I explore. This post will take you on a stimulating tour of the coffee shops and charming cafes in Trondheim that make this city a coffee lover’s paradise.

Before we delve into the city’s caffeinated delights, let’s take a moment to appreciate Trondheim’s attractions. For every traveler, this historic city offers a diverse range of experiences. With its striking Gothic-style Nidaros Cathedral and its quaint Bakklandet neighborhood with its multicolored wooden homes, Trondheim is a destination not to be missed.

Nidaros Cathedral

The Nidaros Cathedral is an everlasting symbol of Trondheim, and as I stand beneath it, I’m impressed by the magnificent design and the overwhelming sense of history that surrounds me. Constructed around the 11th century, it functioned as a location for royal coronations and pilgrimages. The cathedral has a tall spire, magnificent stained glass windows, and detailed stone carvings. It still serves as a house of worship and a major cultural hub, bringing tourists from all over the world to take in the stunning architecture and discover more about Norway’s past.


Trondheim’s Bakklandet is a charming riverfront neighborhood that seems like it belongs in a book. Visitors are invited to travel back in time and picture the lives of folks who formerly called this area home by the quaint wooden houses that line its narrow roads. Bakklandet provides visitors to the city with a singular and enthralling experience because of its charming and picturesque ambiance.

Ringve Music Museum

The Ringve Music Museum is a real treat for music lovers like me. With an outstanding collection of instruments from various historical periods, it provides an intriguing look into Norway’s musical legacy.

Now, let’s dive into the delightful world of cafes in Trondheim.

Café Løkka: A Cozy Retreat

Location:             Dokkgata 8, 7042 Trondheim, Norway

Timings:              11:00 AM to 12:00 AM


Contact:              +47 400 00 974

Nestled in the center of the city, Café Løkka is one of the best cafés in Trondheim that offers a charming retreat for people looking for good beer and coziness. I enter the entrance and am instantly surrounded by the warm ambiance that is characteristic of Café Løkka.

Best 7 Coffee Shops and Cafés in Trondheim: A Coffee Lover’s Guide 13

The café has an inviting, rustic charm, with wooden furnishings and soft lighting that fosters a cozy atmosphere. I can’t help but be impressed by the baristas’ usage of locally produced beans while I enjoy my expertly prepared cappuccino. Café Løkka takes great pleasure in its dedication to environmental responsibility and moral sourcing.

In Trondheim, coffee shops are more than just locations to get a fast fix for caffeine. Café Løkka is one example of how they frequently represent the city’s values. Any coffee enthusiast in Trondheim should visit this café because of the high caliber of their coffee and the kind of service they provide.

Dromedar Kaffebar: Where Coffee Meets Art

Location:             Nedre Baklandet 3, 7014 Trondheim, Norway

Timings:              8:00 AM to 6:00 PM


Contact:              +47 941 58 143

A real masterpiece in the coffee industry is Dromedar Kaffebar. I enjoy the artistic touch that goes into making the ideal cup of coffee, and this café never lets me down.

Best 7 Coffee Shops and Cafés in Trondheim: A Coffee Lover’s Guide 14

As I walk in, the smell of freshly roasted beans permeates the space. It’s an unparalleled sensory experience. This place has a sleek, minimalist décor that draws all eyes to the coffee, which is the main attraction. With a large selection of single-origin coffees and knowledgeable baristas who know how to bring out the greatest flavors, Dromedar Kaffebar takes pride in its coffee beans.

Best 7 Coffee Shops and Cafés in Trondheim: A Coffee Lover’s Guide 15

The latte art at Dromedar is quite captivating, and the espresso is pulled expertly. Every cup of coffee that the café serves demonstrates their dedication to the art of coffee making.

Without Dromedar Kaffebar, there wouldn’t be any coffee shops in Trondheim. This shop is an appealing oasis of flavors and aromas for a true coffee aficionado like me.

Antikvariatet: Where Books Meet Brews

Location:             Nedre Baklandet 4, 7014 Trondheim, Norway

Timings:              3:00 PM to 1:30 PM

Contact:              +47 479 17 339

The decor of the café has a charming old-world feel to it, with shelf upon shelf of ancient books. This is the kind of place where you can curl up with a steaming cup of coffee and immerse yourself in the pages of great literature. Antikvariatet is the perfect place for reading and socializing because of its welcoming staff.

Best 7 Coffee Shops and Cafés in Trondheim: A Coffee Lover’s Guide 16

To go with your reading, Antikvariatet offers a variety of coffee blends and snacks. This café is a haven of culture and coffee, perfect for travelers seeking solace from the busy city or students looking for a peaceful study space.

Café le Frère: A Slice of France

Location:             Søndre gate 27, 7010 Trondheim, Norway

Timings:              7:00 AM to 5:00 PM


Contact:              +47 900 90 989

In the center of Trondheim, there is a little piece of France called Café le Frère one of my favorite cafés in Trondheim. I’m immediately taken to a quaint Parisian bistro, complete with creamy espresso and beautiful pastries, as soon as I walk in. The café is well-known for its delicious pastries from France, and I can never resist the temptation of croissants, pain au chocolate, and tarts. In addition to serving a variety of French wines, the café is a great location for an evening get-together with friends.

Best 7 Coffee Shops and Cafés in Trondheim: A Coffee Lover’s Guide 17

The genuineness of Café le Frère’s coffee is what makes them unique. They ensure that every sip has a taste of France by importing premium beans straight from French roasters. I can speak to the excellence of their cappuccinos and lattes because the baristas here are skilled in the art of making espresso.

Ni Muser: A Taste of Scandinavia

Location:             Bispegata 9A, 7013 Trondheim, Norway

Timings:              11:00 AM to 9:00 PM


Contact:              +47 735 36 311

A café called Ni Muser honors Scandinavian cuisine. The aroma of freshly made pastries and potent, aromatic coffee greets me as soon as I enter. It’s a fun blend of innovation and tradition.

Best 7 Coffee Shops and Cafés in Trondheim: A Coffee Lover’s Guide 18

The café’s menu offers a variety of cuisines with Nordic influences. I can’t help but try the sandwiches, which are not only delicious but also visually beautiful. Every cup of coffee made here is exceptional, thanks to the range of brewing techniques offered, such as pour-over and French press.

Every bite demonstrates Ni Muser’s dedication to using only the freshest, most locally sourced ingredients in their classic recipes. I can’t help but feel like I’m tasting the essence of TRONDHEIM on a plate while I savor my lunch and coffee.

Godt Brød: The Art of Baking

Location:             Dronningens gate 32, 7011 Trondheim, Norway

Timings:              6:30 AM to 7:00 PM


Contact:              +47 735 02 400

Situated on Thomas Angells gate, Godt Brød is a bakery and café that specializes in baking. Both lovers of bread and coffee will find paradise in this small business.

Best 7 Coffee Shops and Cafés in Trondheim: A Coffee Lover’s Guide 19

The first thing that hits me as soon as I walk in is the smell of freshly made bread. The wooden tables and chairs in the café’s rustic décor add to the cozy and welcoming atmosphere. From wheat to soured bread, Godt Brød is famous for its extensive bread selection, and its sandwiches are very delicious.

Best 7 Coffee Shops and Cafés in Trondheim: A Coffee Lover’s Guide 20

This café’s dedication to using organic and locally sourced ingredients is what sets it apart. Their coffee, which is expertly roasted to mix well with the baked items, is also a tribute to quality. Anyone who appreciates life’s small pleasures should visit cafés in Trondheim, such as Godt Brød, which are a tribute to the city’s love for quality and tradition.

Jacobsen & Svart Coffee Roasters: The Art of Roasting

Location:             Brattørgata 4, 7010 Trondheim, Norway

Timings:              9:00 AM to 5:00 PM


Contact:              +47 908 26 046

A visit to Jacobsen & Svart Coffee Roasters is a must-do when exploring cafés in Trondheim. The city’s passion for handcrafted coffee is evident in this café and roaster.

Best 7 Coffee Shops and Cafés in Trondheim: A Coffee Lover’s Guide 21

The décor of the café blends modern and industrial styles, and the roasting machinery is prominently displayed. With a focus on the craft of roasting, Jacobsen & Svart takes great pleasure in obtaining beans from all over the world.

Best 7 Coffee Shops and Cafés in Trondheim: A Coffee Lover’s Guide 22

I love coffee, and the range of single-origin beans that are available here intrigues me. Every cup demonstrates the baristas’ attention to precision and talent as well as their passion for what they do.

At Jacobsen & Svart, their coffee is simply the best. This café offers the best coffee experience around, whether you like a pour-over or a regular espresso.

Exploring Cafés in Trondheim: A Caffeine Adventure

In conclusion, Coffee shops and cafés in Trondheim serve as a representation of the city’s rich tradition and diversified culture. Every café has its own personality and provides more than just coffee—rather, a full experience.

Upon concluding my coffee tour, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for having had the chance to see Trondheim via its cafes. Each Trondheimian café has its own unique character, from the handmade approach of Jacobsen & Svart to the pleasant atmosphere of Café Løkka.

These cafés offer the ideal environment for experiencing the local way of life, whether you’re a traveler or a coffee enthusiast. Thus, don’t forget to take a caffeine-fueled tour of cozy cafés in Trondheim and coffee shops the next time you find yourself there. You will not be let down.

So have a cup of coffee in Trondheim and let the culture and history of the city permeate every taste. Trondheim’s cafés are ready to pique your interest, whether you enjoy the traditional fare or are looking for daring new coffee experiences.


Are the coffee shops in Trondheim offering vegetarian and vegan options?

Certainly. The majority of coffee shops provide a wide range of vegetarian and vegan options, ranging from delicious pastries to plant-based milk for your coffee.

How much does a cup of coffee cost in Trondheim?

While prices could vary, you should expect to pay between 30 and 40 NOK on average for a cup of coffee in Trondheim.

Does ordering coffee require me to speak Norwegian?

No, the majority of Trondheim’s baristas are English-speaking, and menus are frequently offered in both Norwegian and English.

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