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Beyond the Map: Castellon Through Its Most Beautiful Villages In Just 4 Days


Have you ever wanted to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and embark on a journey that takes you beyond the usual tourist destinations? Castellon, a province tucked in the heart of Spain, offers the key to unlocking this experience.

Castellon is the northernmost province of the Valencia Community, which comprises three provinces in total. It spans about 6,000 square meters and includes 135 municipalities. Some places stand out above the rest because of their amazing historical history or spectacular natural scenery. As a result, here is a list of the most beautiful villages in Castellon Road Trip that you should see at least once in your lifetime.

Beyond the Map: Castellon Through Its Most Beautiful Villages In Just 4 Days 16

Castellon, where sun-kissed landscapes greet you on an adventure full of hidden gems and unknown legends. As I set out on my own expedition, wandering through the lovely streets of Castellon, I discovered the true spirit of Spanish culture nestled away in its charming villages.

One of the thrills of my road trip was discovering Vilafames’ small cobblestone alleyways. This community, nestled on a hilltop, appeared stuck in time, with its medieval buildings and spectacular views of the surrounding landscape. As I walked through the peaceful lanes, I couldn’t help but wonder at the rich history that unfolded in front of me.

Spend just four days taking in the everlasting beauty of each of the villages, each with its distinct charm and history. Finally, let’s discuss some road trip destinations around Castellon. You must be dying to get the engines running!

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Day 1: Exploring Morella and Peniscola

Morella: Unveiling Ancient Mysteries

Morella is a castle town that brings you to a bygone age. The massive castle walls and well-preserved buildings demonstrate the historic village’s sturdiness. I became engrossed in the stories of conflicts and triumphs that rang down the years, making my tour a genuinely immersive experience.

Beyond the Map: Castellon Through Its Most Beautiful Villages In Just 4 Days 17

Climbing to the castle absorbed me not only in the layers of time but also in the spectacular view. The panorama from the summit, with its reddish roofs and surrounding mountain ranges, felt like a canvas made by nature herself. More than a historical inquiry, it was a moment of touch with Castellon’s essence.

While exploring Morella, we visited the Basílica Arciprestal Santa María la Mayor, a historical site. This architectural marvel remained quiet witness to decades of storytelling, asking me to follow in the footsteps of those who had once walked its hallowed hallways. The basilica’s elaborate features and spiritual air added to the fascinating story of Castellon’s cultural wealth.

The voyage through this village of wonders did not end there. The Torres de San Miguel, standing majestically against the sky, invited me to continue exploring. These towers, with their austere presence, have told stories of defense and resilience throughout history. In the middle of these historical giants, I felt a strong connection to Castellon’s heart.

Peniscola: Coastal Beauty

The appeal of the Castellon Road Trip extends to the beach communities as well. Peniscola, with its gorgeous beaches and the landmark medieval castle, offers the right balance of sun, sea, and history. As I basked in the Mediterranean wind, I understood that Peniscola’s charm stems not only from its beauty but also from the warmth of its people.

Beyond the Map: Castellon Through Its Most Beautiful Villages In Just 4 Days 18

Our road trip to Peniscola was a voyage back in time, where the superbly maintained templar castle showcased the city’s medieval history. As I stood within its walls, I felt a link to the centuries past, visualizing the stories of knights and monarchs that once rang down the stone hallways.

Beyond the Map: Castellon Through Its Most Beautiful Villages In Just 4 Days 19

Peniscola is known for its beautiful beaches and pleasant weather, in addition to its historical significance. The sun-kissed coastlines and Mediterranean wind provided the ideal setting for a family holiday. Peñíscola, a beautiful village with a rich history and modern amenities, is a great spot for a calm and pleasurable break.

Day 2: Segorbe & Vilafames

Segorbe: Bridges & Museums

This quaint village is a hidden treasure that is just waiting to be discovered. It is located in the center of Castellon. Walking has become my go-to method for discovering Segorbe’s rich history, which includes the majestic Estrella castle and the ancient aqueduct that stand as mute reminders of bygone eras.

Beyond the Map: Castellon Through Its Most Beautiful Villages In Just 4 Days 20

Nestled amidst this ancient tapestry, Segorbe’s cultural soul might be glimpsed at the Catedralicio and the Museo Municipal de Arqueología y Etnología. With every stride, a new chapter in the village’s history emerged, one intertwined with artistic, archaeological, and ritualistic overtones. One of Castellon’s Beautiful Villages, Segorbe, demonstrated that wandering its streets and taking in the stories embedded in its museums and architecture is the greatest approach to getting to know a place.

The attraction of Segorbe goes beyond its historical landmarks. The community turns into a refuge for hikers because it is positioned between the Calderona and Sierra de Espadán natural parks. Every lover of the outdoors is enchanted by the surrounding scenery and their breathtaking paths.

Beyond the Map: Castellon Through Its Most Beautiful Villages In Just 4 Days 21

Our road trip through Castellon evolved into a comprehensive experience that skillfully combined the discovery of Segorbe’s historical wonders with the tranquility of nature’s embrace. It was a voyage that left its mark on our recollections.

Vilafames: A Canvas of Artistry

Vilafames, the village nestled on a hill comes into view as we get closer, offering a quaint trip back in time. The small lanes telling stories of Arabic origins wind through the heart of Vilafamés, where the old town center opens. The village is a real jewel among Beautiful Villages, with intriguing stone structures.

Beyond the Map: Castellon Through Its Most Beautiful Villages In Just 4 Days 22

In Vilafames, as we stroll around the beautiful old town, it feels as though time has stopped. Handmade items are available in charming shops along the route, enticing us to bring a bit of the village’s charm home. The historical significance of the village is attested to by the Iglesia de la Asuncion and the Batlle Palace, which helped the village receive the 2005 Bien de Interes Cultural designation. By interacting with amiable residents, we learn about their history and culture, which gives our tour of Castellon’s creative paradise a more intimate feel.

Beyond the Map: Castellon Through Its Most Beautiful Villages In Just 4 Days 23

As we visit Vilafames, the attractiveness of its rising art scene becomes clear. Galleries highlight local talent, filling the air with the creativity that defines this enchanting community. Beyond memories, Vilafames provides a unique shopping experience, with local markets teeming with handmade items, ceramics, and artwork. Each artwork becomes a concrete symbol of the strong culture and artistic energy that distinguish Vilafamés as a must-see destination on our amazing road trip through beautiful villages.

Day 3: Culla & Mascarell

Culla: A Peaceful Getaway

We discover Culla, a hidden treasure while traveling through the beautiful Alto Maestrazgo region. Tucked away in this small town, it’s as if you’ve stepped back in time and there are lingering reminders of earlier civilizations. Arabs and Templars are present and permeate Culla’s identity all the way through. I’m engrossed in the rich tapestry of history that distinguishes this charming town as I stroll around its landmarks, which include the majestic Arabic castle, the Antiguo Granero del Comendador, and the Salvador Cathedral.

Beyond the Map: Castellon Through Its Most Beautiful Villages In Just 4 Days 24

Culla is charming in ways that go beyond its historical sites. An aura of nostalgia permeates the place, bringing to mind the legends enshrined in its historic buildings. We explore the fascinating landscapes that encircle the municipality and find a plethora of tour alternatives. With every step, one is met with beautiful views that perfectly balance Culla’s rich historical legacy. It’s a special fusion of the natural and the historic, making for an incredibly absorbing experience.

Mascarell: Living History

The story of Mascarell takes place against the backdrop of a historical event, namely the Muslim migration from nearby Burriana in the fourteenth century. This town’s walls, built of bricks, mortar, and sand, reverberate with stories from the past. The center towers split each side as we move through its nearly quadrangular form, and two entrances—one on the east and one on the west—invite exploration.

Beyond the Map: Castellon Through Its Most Beautiful Villages In Just 4 Days 25

Treasures of more recent history are revealed by the settlement within Mascarell’s fortified walls. A church that stands tall from the late 17th century and a city hall that dates to the late 18th century offers insights into the development of this quaint community. It’s about the people and the tales they carry, which create a special fusion of the historical and the personal, not just about the buildings and stones.

Day 4: Jerica & Chodos

Jerica: Tower and Tales

We drive through the gorgeous province of Castellon and come across Jerica. The town greets us as we approach, its ancient walls serving as a reminder of the rich history that makes this area of beautiful villages unique. As you wander through the town center, you’ll come upon the stunning San Roque hermitage, which is situated on an old Arabic foundation. Jerica’s attraction is further enhanced by the Mudejar Tower, which is reachable by a spiral staircase and provides expansive views of the surrounding countryside.

Beyond the Map: Castellon Through Its Most Beautiful Villages In Just 4 Days 26

The Regajo wetland, as well as the Hoz and Fuentes routes, promise attractive landscapes that will add to the town’s historical beauty. As we explore, the blend of legacy and environment in Castellon becomes palpable, resulting in a genuinely immersive experience. Jerica, with its walls, hermitages, and picturesque pathways, invites us to experience the spirit of Beautiful Villages on our unforgettable road trip through Castellon.

Chodos: Nature’s Retreat

As we wrap up our journey, our final destination is the quaint village of Chodos. Its small and steep alleyways transport us back to medieval times, creating a lovely environment that attracts the spirit. Nestled in the middle of Penyagolosa Natural Park, surrounded by hills and cliffs, Chodos emerges as a haven for nature lovers like myself. The variety of animal and plant species provides a sense of surprise to this attractive area.

Beyond the Map: Castellon Through Its Most Beautiful Villages In Just 4 Days 27

As you walk through Chodos, you’ll notice echoes of its rich cultural legacy. The Chodos castle sits like a silent guardian, murmuring stories from bygone centuries. The village center maintains a timeless beauty, while the San Cristóbal hermitage lends a spiritual air to this hidden gem.

Beyond the Map: Castellon Through Its Most Beautiful Villages In Just 4 Days 28

As I explore, I can’t help but feel a strong connection to the village’s history and the natural beauty surrounding it. Chodos, with its medieval streets and natural beauty, is the ideal conclusion to our voyage, leaving me with lasting memories of a very unique journey.

Final Words About Castellon

In just four days, my Castellon Road Trip turned into a journey of self-discovery and cultural integration. Each settlement had a story to tell, and every cobblestone had seen the passing of time. So, if you’re looking for an escape from the every day, pack your luggage and let the lovely villages of Castellon lead you on an unforgettable experience.


How can I get to Morella from the nearest airport?

Morella’s nearest airport is Valencia Airport. From there, you can rent a car or use public transportation to Morella.

What is the ideal time to visit the Castellon beautiful villages?

The spring and autumn months are great for seeing Castellon’s villages because the weather is pleasant and the landscapes are at their most gorgeous.

What other activities can I explore in Castellon?

Explore the natural parks, hiking trails, and local festivals in addition to the villages to have a thorough understanding of Castellon’s many offers.             

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