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15 Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations In the World


The world is full of wonderful destinations that draw hordes of travelers. These sites offer a wide range of experiences, from tropical paradises to mountain peaks, and they draw visitors ranging from sun seekers to thrill seekers.

People typically travel on vacation to relax, ease seasonal tiredness, and restore energy reserves. Some thrill seekers, on the other hand, seek just excitement and danger. Our article presents the 15 most dangerous tourist destinations on the planet.

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#1: Death Valley National Park | USA

We will begin in one of the most dangerous tourist destinations in the world. Eastern California is home to the arid region known as Death Valley.

15 Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations In the World 18

The hottest and driest region in the country, Death Valley National Park lives up to its moniker. Extreme temperature is a significant risk to travelers. In the summer, the temperature drops significantly at night, ranging from +50°C during the day (the record high is +57°C), to +50°C during the day.

The region has a 7800 square km area. The Valley is home to several dangerous creatures, including coyotes, rattlesnakes, scorpions, and black widow spiders.

The most well-liked spots include Zabriskie Point and Dante’s View, with their breathtaking views, Artists Palette, with its bizarre salt marsh, Mosaic Canyon, and its dried-up Racetrack Playa Lake, with its moving stones.

#2 Mount Everest | Nepal

Climbing Everest is considered by many climbers to be a major test of ability and endurance. And it is, without question, one of the most dangerous tourist destinations on the planet.

15 Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations In the World 19

The terrifying 8,849-meter-high peak offers its accentors many treacherous obstacles, including sudden weather changes, blizzards, winds, avalanches, steep crevasses covered in snow, cliffs, ice streams, and subfreezing temperatures (down to -30°C).

At 3,600 meters, the air is so thin that just 60% of the body’s required oxygen is delivered to it. The base camp is 5,000 meters above sea level. Blood clotting, which causes heart attacks, strokes, and pulmonary edema, is a concern even during brief stays there.

At 8,000 meters, the dead zone begins, making it hard to survive without an oxygen tank. More than 300 people have died climbing Everest in the last century.

#3 Devils Pool | Zambia

This breathtakingly magnificent natural landscape pool is located on the outskirts of Zambia’s Victoria Falls. Many people risk their lives by jumping into it, not only to witness but also to feel the Zambezi River. They make it through the final rocky barrier and plummet from a height of 120 meters.

15 Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations In the World 20

It is important to note that sometimes the river carries the most daring adventurers away, and it can be challenging to locate them later. Particularly at risk are those who enjoy creating hype images for social media platforms to reach as far as they can over the abyss. However, even getting to this destination is rather risky.

#4 The Danakil Desert | Ethiopia

The dangerous desert region of the Danakil Depression, also known as the “Gateway to Hell,” is located in northern Ethiopia. From my perspective, it is one of the world’s most dangerous tourist destinations, providing an unrivaled adventure for the brave.

15 Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations In the World 21

It is one of the hottest places on Earth. Personally, I feel that Summertime soil temperatures of up to +70°C and a maximum air temperature of +63°C are also possible. To explore the extremely bizarre landscapes of the Danakil Depression, thousands of daring travelers nevertheless risk their lives and travel here.

There are three volcanoes in this area: the dormant Erta Ale and Ayalu, as well as the sleeping Dallol. It is the only one on the entire planet to have two lava lakes active at once. With the waters glowing in a variety of colors, from lemon to purple, the enormous Dallol Lake is extremely lovely.

Danakil’s air is filled with dangerous gases and is acidic and bitter. Not only is it difficult to breathe here, but you also risk losing consciousness, suffering burns, and becoming seriously poisoned.

#5 Blue Hole | Egypt

The Blue Hole is the most gorgeous Red Sea reef surrounding a vertical underwater cave that is more than 120 meters deep. Dahab, an Egyptian resort, is 15 kilometers away. The “graveyard of divers” is another name for it, yet travel guides list it as one of the top dive locations in the world.

15 Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations In the World 22

Most accidents happen when untrained divers go into the Arch, a lengthy horizontal tube that connects the cave to the sea, without the proper technical diving equipment. Ascent-related air supply depletion, nitrogen narcosis, and disorientation cause their deaths. Only divers who have earned their Advanced Open Water Diver certification are therefore permitted to explore Blue Hole.

#6 Trolltunga | Norway

Trolltunga, or Troll Tongue, is a popular tourist destination in Norway. It is also one of the most dangerous tourist destinations in the world due to its narrow and thin edge hanging over the abyss. In the vast land region, the rocky outcrop on Skjeggedal rises 700 meters above Lake Ringedalsvatn. It is around 10 meters long.

15 Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations In the World 23

The ledge’s vast and relatively secure base contrasts with its comparatively thin and narrow edge that hangs over the abyss. Furthermore, this area is unfenced. But despite this, the strong wind, the frequent fog, and the significant risk of falling, thousands of enthusiasts of extreme selfies continue to take them.

Only from the beginning of June until the end of August are hikes to Trolltunga permitted. This path is quite challenging because it crosses impassible hilly terrain, and because the climate is so changeable that it can snow here even in the summer.

In my opinion, hikers appreciate the hour-long trip to Trolltunga because it affords them the chance to experience Norway’s stunning natural beauty.

#7 Yucatan Cenotes | Mexico

The enigmatic cenotes, which are sinkholes filled with fresh water and connected by a network of subterranean tunnels, are one of the reasons why divers are so drawn to the Mexican portion of the Yucatan Peninsula.

15 Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations In the World 24

These natural lakes were used for sacrifices and as wells by the ancient Maya. They were referred regarded be “gates to the realm of the dead.” And they weren’t entirely off. Divers should avoid unmapped caves and tunnels as well as well-explored underground labyrinths.

Divers should be aware of the following risks: darkness, confined area, vegetation that makes moving difficult, confusion, unclear expectations regarding the dive’s duration and ultimate aim, and therefore low oxygen levels.

Uncharted cenote exploration is dangerous and akin to playing with fire, yet countless daredevils are drawn to their mysterious attraction. Explore these deadly natural wells on an adventurous adventure to see their amazing underground wonders and ethereal beauty; they are the very definition of the most dangerous tourist destinations on Earth.

#8 Fagradalsfjall Valcano | Iceland

The Fagradalsfjädl volcano erupted for the first time in 6,000 years in March 2021, 30 kilometers from Reykjavik, in the middle of the Reykjanes Peninsula. It quickly replaced the Golden Circle as Iceland’s greatest attraction.

15 Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations In the World 25

Thousands of tourists are drawn to the volcano because they aren’t concerned about getting harmed, burned, or poisoned by dangerous gases in the lava fields. The cone of the volcano rises 224 meters above the topography. Magma has been hardened all around it, and lava continues to pour out of the 334 m-diameter crater.

Those who want to view the toxic clouds up close must carefully choose which side to approach Fagradalsfjädl from because the clouds’ directions shift at random by the wind. The red-hot tubes and pockets beneath the ostensibly frozen surface, which you can fall into, present another risk to travelers.

#9 Kjeragbolten | Norway

Another one of the most dangerous tourist destinations on earth and a well-liked attraction in Norway that increases the excitement level is the renowned Kjerag Bolt (Kjeragbolten). At a height of approximately a km above the Lysefjord, this enormous boulder is wedged between two vertical boulders. To get there, you must travel a 12-kilometer trek that is fairly taxing.

15 Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations In the World 26

Because of the dampness, a large portion of the trail is built on bare rock, which is extremely slick and hazardous. It is therefore advised to avoid going while it is raining or the weather is foggy.

Those who complete this path successfully are rewarded with beautiful views from the Kjerag plateau and the opportunity to shoot a famous picture while standing atop the Kjeragbolten. You can grab onto the ring to keep yourself safe. Even in dry weather, there is a chance of falling off or stumbling and sliding down the rounded surface of the rock.

#10 Mount Hua Shan | China

Huashan, one of China’s holiest mountains and a Taoist deity is found in Shaanxi Province, in the heart of the Celestial Empire. It is topped by the Central, North, West, East, and South peaks. The top one is the last one (2154 m).

15 Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations In the World 27

Here is where the legendary Trail of Death is located, which Taoist monks once traversed to ascend to the top-most temple. Tourists who want to experience a never-before-seen adrenaline rush and take in the breathtakingly stunning surroundings now travel this incredibly risky route.

The path is made of wood and is two planks wide. It curves around the steep cliffs. Several hundred meters of a gorge are overhung by it. No obstacles or railings are present. Only by pressing up against the stone walls and grasping the chains fastened to them is it possible to move down it. As a safety net, a short rope is used. However, despite this, hundreds of thousands of visitors travel here each year to challenge themselves.

#11 Lake Natron | Tanzania

It almost seems odd to think that the fascinating photographs of Lake Natron were taken on our planet upon seeing them. This remarkable location changes into a kaleidoscope of pink and crimson hues when covered in a thick salt crust. This dangerous oasis is a monument to the world’s most dangerous tourist destinations, with its hot temps and alkaline environment.

15 Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations In the World 28

Thousands of thousands of tiny flamingos build nests and feed here. Animals that have fallen into it and perished as a result slowly transform into salt mummies, and tourists who touch it risk getting instant chemical burns.

It is obvious that the voyage to Lake Natron is a test for the desperate extreme when you consider the strong hydrogen sulfide stench coming from the reservoir’s surface and the heat typical of Tanzania.

#12 Snake Island | Brazil

Snake Island, off the coast of Brazil, you would be in one of the riskiest and most dangerous tourist destinations on earth if you set foot. The name of the island undoubtedly gives you a good idea of the cause. Yes, there are many dangerous snakes on the island.

15 Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations In the World 29

Because of the island’s reputation for being snake-filled, the Brazilian government has outlawed it. An average of 5 poisonous snakes is thought to inhabit per square meter.

One of the most dangerous snake species on the globe, golden lancehead vipers, is found in large numbers on the island. The island is so dangerous that the Brazilians have barred most people from visiting and have locked it off to the general public.

#13 Darvaza Gas Crater | Turkmenistan

The Darvaza Gas Crater, located in Turkmenistan, is one of the most dangerous tourist destinations. The Karakum Desert’s Darvaza Gas Crater, which is raging in the middle of it, is known as the gateway to hell. It is a crater that is 69 meters in diameter and 30 meters deep, and it is constantly burning with natural gas. Additionally, it has been ablaze for more than 50 years, and every year, more than 6,000 visitors come to witness Darvaza Gas Crater.

15 Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations In the World 30

The drilling rig was situated where a subterranean gas pocket was produced in the 1960s, while oil exploration was being done in a region close to the settlement of Darvaza. It was cracked open during drilling, the ground collapsed with the machinery, and natural gas actively began to flow out of the cavity. To protect the villagers’ residents, the geologists set fire to the sinkhole.

#14 Madidi National Park | Bolivia

Although it provides the idea of being a beautiful park, anyone who visits without being attentive and respectful of its fauna and flora runs the risk of either having the worst experience of their lives or losing it all. As a result, when asked what the most dangerous tourist destinations in the world are, its name is frequently mentioned.

15 Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations In the World 31

In the northwest of Bolivia, in the department of La Paz, sits the spectacular wilderness known as Madidi National Park. Its 18957 km2 of land area spans many climate zones. The park is the most significant on the earth in terms of biodiversity, and it initially appears to be a true paradise.

 The majority of plants provide a serious risk for allergic reactions, including breathing difficulties, rashes, itching, and dizziness. Dangerous parasites can enter the human body through even minor cuts and wounds, as well as through water and food.

#15 Yosemite Half Dome | USA

The longest, riskiest, and most thrilling trail in Yosemite National Park is the one that leads to the granite rock known as Half Dome is among the most treacherous and dangerous tourist destinations. Its 1,450-meter-high top was once thought to be impossible to navigate.

15 Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations In the World 32

Up to 50,000 hikers attempt the Half Dome each year, but not every one of them succeeds. The Slabs of Death, from which numerous hikers have previously perished, are the most dangerous part of Half Dome.

In addition, climbers risk being struck by lightning on and near the peak. Altitude sickness, which causes vomiting, dizziness, and cardiac issues, is another risk factor. However, those who conquer all challenges and ascend Half Dome will be rewarded with breathtaking vistas of Yosemite.


With our engaging blog, which takes you on a virtual tour of the 15 most dangerous tourist destinations worldwide, you may feel the thrill of danger. Discover the appeal of extraordinary adventures that await daring explorers, from erupting volcanoes to merciless deserts, perilous mountain paths, and captivating underwater tunnels. Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled journey to some of the most dangerous tourist destinations on Earth.


What are the potential risks and hazards associated with visiting these places?

The potential dangers and hazards associated with visiting these locations include extreme weather, rough terrain, wildlife interactions, slick surfaces, and sheer cliffs.

How can I ensure my safety while exploring these dangerous tourist destinations?

When visiting dangerous tourist destinations, make sure to plan properly, respect local regulations, and have the right equipment with you. It’s also crucial to go with a guide or companion and to be aware of any dangers.

Are there guided tours or local experts available to assist visitors in navigating these hazardous locations?

Yes, guided tours and local experts are frequently available to help tourists navigate dangerous areas. They offer useful information and safety tips and aid with touring these sites.

What should I pack or prepare for when visiting these dangerous tourist destinations?

It is crucial to bring the necessary safety gear, such as suitable footwear, protective clothes, and emergency supplies when visiting dangerous tourist destinations. You should also heed any precautions or guidelines advised by local authorities or tour operators.

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