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Day Trip to Gufufoss Waterfall 2023 | Thrilled Solo Travel Guide


In East Iceland’s gorgeous East Fjords, the Gufufoss waterfall is the biggest waterfall in Seydisfjordur Fjord. Travelers may enjoy more than just the waterfall on their trips thanks to the waterfall’s location in East Iceland close to a number of attractions. The largest waterfall in Iceland’s Seydisfjordur is the lovely Gufufoss waterfall. It is well known for sharing similarities with Skogafoss, another renowned waterfall in Iceland. Nevertheless, despite the similarities, East Iceland’s Gufufoss waterfall continues to stand out as a stunning landmark in its own way.

About  Gufufoss Waterfall

“Gufufoss” has a mysterious ring to it just from the word alone, and with good reason. This waterfall, which is tucked away in a peaceful area of Iceland, perfectly captures both peace and beauty. You are overcome with wonder as the glacial streams flow down the moss-covered cliffs. Gufufoss, is a must-see for people who value the delicate details of nature, in contrast to the lavishness of some of Iceland’s other waterfalls, because of its elegant grace.

The History of Gufufoss Waterfall

The Gufufoss Waterfall is a live example of Iceland’s geological evolution in addition to being a natural wonder. The development of the Gufufoss waterfall is a tale inscribed into the very rocks it cascades over by the strong forces of water and time over many years. Standing in front of Gufufoss waterfall is like looking at a picture of Iceland’s past and a reminder of how the earth is always changing.

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Best Time to Visit

When it comes to enjoying the attraction of Gufufoss, timing is essential. The warmest months, from early spring through early fall, are the greatest times to go. At this point, the surroundings’ vegetation adds a bright touch to the already captivating panorama, bringing the environment to life. Although Gufufoss, is a compelling sight all year round, the warmer months offer the perfect backdrop for its beauty to develop.

Things to Do at Gufufoss Waterfall

The Gufufoss waterfall’s elegance and beauty can be appreciated by tourists. They can also go picnicking and go climbing or trekking as additional activities. Through a small trail that is close to the Gufufoss, parking lot and is just off the road, it is possible to explore more of the waterfall and its surroundings.

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 The trail enables visitors to climb to the top of the cliff and view the East Icelandic waterfall’s summit. It can also direct visitors to neighboring, smaller waterfalls. Picnicking is just another activity to take pleasure in when visiting the region. Travelers can stop by the waterfalls and take a break, especially away from the crowds, to engage in this relaxing activity.

Getting to Gufufoss Waterfall

So, if you’re thinking about visiting Gufufoss waterfall, let me inform you that driving is the best and most convenient method to get there. Believe me, it’s simple. The majority of Icelandic towns and cities, particularly Reykjavik, provide these automobile rental services for foreign tourists.

We were all looking forward to seeing Gufufoss waterfall when I went on a day trip with my friend. From Egilsstadir town, which was roughly 23.5 kilometers away and 46 miles away, we simply traveled that road. the most interesting aspect? Because it is so close to the road, the waterfall can only be reached by automobile, which is excellent. We were thus speechless in the face of its beauty.

Nearby Places

I’ll tell you about the breathtaking Gufufoss waterfall and its East Fjords location if you’re interested in learning more. This area is 75 miles long, or about 120 kilometers, along the rocky shoreline. I assure you that the views are unbelievable.

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Two towns, Egilsstadir and Seydisfjordur, are quite close to the Gufufoss waterfall, which is cool. For fantastic East Iceland and East Fjords tours, these locations are frequently the starting sites. To put it another way, finding this waterfall is like winning the travel lottery if you’re like me and enjoy seeing as much as you can. During your adventure, you have the opportunity to see several amazing locations.

I had the opportunity to see many different neighboring locations while on a day trip to Gufufoss waterfall. Other valleys, waterfalls, and majestic mountains lay hidden and awaiting exploration. What’s even cooler, though, is that? Aside from that, we may visit Egilsstadir and Seydisfjordur, the two settlements I already mentioned. A traveler’s dream came true, indeed!

Below are my top favorite places to visit during your day trip to Gufufoss waterfall.

Egilsstadir and Seydisfjordur

The East Iceland Heritage Museum, which has been around since the 1940s, is located in Egilsstadir and is open to visitors. While there, you can explore Seydisfjordur’s famous rainbow path, which takes you to, the blue Seydisfjordur church.

Fardagafoss waterfall

Other waterfalls in East Iceland, besides the Gufufoss waterfall, are worth visiting. The first is the Fardagafoss waterfall, which is located just 11.8 miles (18.9 kilometers) east of Gufufoss. Just 29.5 miles (47.4 kilometers) away to the south lies another waterfall, Klifbrekkufossar.

Studlagil Canyon

Another treasure of East Iceland is the stunning Studlagil Canyon, which is a canyon. It is renowned for its stunning basalt rock columns and glacial river, both of which are blue-green. West of Gufufoss waterfall, the canyon is about 58.9 miles (94.9 kilometers) away.

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Snaefell Mountain

The Snaefell Mountain, not to be confused with West Iceland’s Snaefellsnes Peninsula, is located to the south. The tallest freestanding peak in the nation is Snaefell, at 6,014 feet (1,833 meters). Gufufoss waterfall is about 115 kilometers (71.6 miles) farther than the mountain.

Final Words

In Iceland’s East Fjords, there lays a magnificent waterfall known as Gufufoss. It is near two towns, Egilsstadir and Seydisfjordur, and it covers roughly 75 kilometers down the coast. The amazing East Iceland and East Fjords can be explored from these places.

When I visited, I was blown away by the waterfall’s beauty and the surroundings. More mountains, canyons, and waterfalls can be explored nearby. Additionally, such towns are interesting to visit as well. Gufufoss waterfall serves as a gateway to a world of unexplored Icelandic adventure.


Is it a difficult climb to get to Gufufoss, or is it easily accessible?

Gufufoss is accessible to a variety of travelers because of how simple it is to get there. The moderately tough waterfall walk has a clearly designated path.

Do you have to pay to enter Gufufoss?

No, it is not necessary to pay to visit Gufufoss. The waterfall is a piece of Iceland’s natural scenery that is available for everyone to explore and enjoy.

After viewing Gufufoss, are there any surrounding attractions or locations worth exploring?

Definitely! The Bárardalur Valley, where Gufufoss waterfall is situated, has a number of scenic and historical sites. Traveling even further can be made more enjoyable by investigating the local farms, hot springs, and hiking paths.

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