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Italian Festivals in September 2023 | Save this Complete Guide now!


From the glitter of carnivals to the gravity of religious processions, Italian festivals in September offer a glimpse into the character of the country. When you’re not participating in the festivities, Italy offers a variety of activities, including exploring stunning towns like Cinque Terre, indulging in delectable cuisine at adorable restaurants, soaking up the vibrant nightlife in clubs, unwinding in parks, going on shopping sprees, and even venturing into the astonishing hikes in Italian Alps.

Italy is a fantastic destination for learning about culture and having experiences that change your life because it truly has something to offer to everyone.

Italian festivals in September will be discussed in this article, along with their significance, notable events, and the appeal that draws so many people to these exciting gatherings.


Italy in September?

The end of summer in September brings relief from the heat across most of Italy. Though September has become one of the busiest months for tourists to travel to Italy, major towns and tourist attractions in Florence, Rome, and Milan are still congested. Make sure to reserve lodging and entrance tickets well in advance.

Now let’s dive further into the list of Italian Festivals in September.

Boat Race Venice

On the first Sunday, Venice hosts the “Regata Storica,” one of the thrilling boat race Italian festivals in September. It highlights the city’s distinctive charm and rich cultural history. A spectacular boat race down the Grand Canal takes place as part of the celebration, and rowing teams dressed traditionally compete fiercely.

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The canal is lined with spectators who are applauding and taking in the energetic mood. Additionally, the celebration features entrancing parades of exquisitely decked boats and gondolas. The Boat Race Festival in Venice provides a completely immersive and unique experience with its vibrant history and breathtaking spectacle.

Palio di Asti

The Palio di Asti, which dates back to the 13th century, is one of the oldest Palio Italian festivals in September. The celebrations, which are often conducted the first weekend in September, involve a procession with over 1000 individuals dressed historically, flag throwers, and a market.

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In Piazza Alfieri, there is a thrilling bareback horse race with three heats, the first with seven horses and the third with nine.

Fest of Rificolona Florence

The Feast of Rificolona in Florence is a lovely Italian festival in September that enchants the city. This centuries-old custom, which is observed on September 7th, involves kids parading around the streets with lit paper lanterns. The “rificolona,” a particular kind of lantern carried throughout the procession, is where the festival’s name originates.

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Both locals and visitors participate in the fun-filled event, which is characterized by music, laughing, and a lively atmosphere. The Feast of Rificolona perfectly encapsulates the spirit of Italian celebrations, highlighting the locals’ joyful customs and fostering a mystical aura throughout Florence’s picturesque narrow streets.

Giostra del Saracino Tuscany

In Arezzo, there is a fascinating Italian festival in September called Giostra del Saracino. This 16th-century medieval jousting competition continues to captivate onlookers with its splendor and intensity. Participants battle in an exhilarating exhibition of horsemanship and ability while aiming lances at targets while dressed in traditional attire.

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 The atmosphere of the festival is characterized by crowd cheers and anticipation. The Giostra del Saracino, which immerses visitors in a dramatic reenactment of history and provides a unique experience in the lovely city of Arezzo, is a tribute to the rich heritage of Italian festivals.

Luminara di Santa Croce Lucca

One of the mesmerizing Italian festivals in September known as the Luminara di Santa Croce di Lucca is held in Lucca. This magical celebration honors Saint Cross, the city’s patron saint, on September 13. A magnificent glow is projected over the entire city as a result of the event, which turns Lucca’s streets into a hypnotic display of flickering candles and brilliant lights.

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The Luminara di Santa Croce di Lucca epitomizes the allure of Italian festivals, exhibiting the country’s rich cultural heritage and giving guests an amazing experience while immersed in Lucca’s alluring environment.

Women’s Fashion Week Milan

One of the most awaited Italian festivals in September that showcases the highest level of glamour and flair is Women’s Fashion Week Milan. This event, which takes place twice a year in Milan, Italy’s fashion capital, draws well-known designers, models, and fashion fans from all over the world.

Women’s-Fashion-Week Italian-Festivals-in-September
Italian Festivals in September 2023 | Save this Complete Guide now! 15

The magnificent collections that fill the runways bring them to life and establish the trends for the following seasons. Women’s Fashion Week Milan captures the spirit of Italian festivals by showcasing the nation’s significant influence on the worldwide fashion market and providing a stage for originality, innovation, and the appreciation of beauty.

Sun and Bass Music Festival

SUNANDBASS is one of the most famous Italian festivals in September held on the stunning Italian island of Sardinia. The well-known drum and bass music festival is held in Italy every year. This yearly celebration of music draws fans from all around the world to the lovely island of Sardinia.

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Sunandbass offers guests an immersive experience where they can dance to the pounding beats beneath the Mediterranean sun thanks to its beautiful seaside venues and skilled DJ roster. The festival offers an unparalleled celebration of drum and bass culture in a gorgeous Italian location by fusing music, nature, and a friendly atmosphere. This captures the spirit of Italian festivals.

Wrapping up Italian Festivals in September

 Italy’s September is a busy month for Italian events. The nation comes alive with cultural celebrations, from Tuscany’s entrancing Luminara di Santa Croce to Milan’s thrilling Women’s Fashion Week. During their separate Luminara di Santa Croce celebrations, the charming alleyways of Pisa and Lucca come to life, and Milan sets the scene for the height of elegance and glitz.

Italian festivals in September offer a lovely fusion of customs, creativity, and cheerful gatherings that highlight the heart and spirit of Italy, whether you choose to immerse yourself in the rich heritage of the Giostra del Saracino in Arezzo or dance to the contagious beats of Sunandbass in Sardinia.


How should I get ready for an Italian festival in September?

Planning is advised if you want to enjoy yourself at Italian festivals in September to the fullest. Discover the festival’s itinerary, paying attention to the dates, places, and particular performances or events you want to see. Consider taking sunscreen, a hat, and a reusable water bottle.

When is the ideal time to attend an Italian festival?

In Italy, there are many festivals throughout the year, some of which are associated with particular seasons or religious events. It is best to do some research on the specific festival you are interested in to determine the best time to go.

Can a traveler join in Italian festivals in September?

Absolutely! Italian celebrations are welcoming to outsiders. Even if some festivities may have particular rites that are only observed by natives, tourists can still take part in the fun, watch the boisterous celebrations, and benefit from the diverse cultural experiences available.

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