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10 Tempting Vegan Restaurants in Iceland for a Flavorful Journey


Welcome to a land of awe-inspiring landscapes and a rising culinary haven for plant-based food enthusiasts. Iceland, known for its breathtaking natural beauty, is also home to a thriving vegan food scene. In this article, we will delve into the world of vegan restaurants in Iceland, particularly in the vibrant capital city of Reykjavik. Whether you’re a committed vegan, a curious foodie, or simply looking for healthier dining options, prepare to be amazed by the diverse and mouthwatering offerings awaiting you. Let’s embark on a journey to discover the best vegan restaurants in Iceland, where ethical dining meets culinary excellence.

Unveiling the Charms of Icelandic Vegan Cuisine

Icelandic cuisine has long been associated with fresh seafood and traditional meat-based dishes. However, the emergence of vegan restaurants in Iceland has revolutionized the local culinary scene, introducing innovative plant-based alternatives that showcase the country’s natural resources. These establishments skillfully blend traditional Icelandic ingredients with modern vegan techniques, resulting in a unique fusion of flavors that will tantalize your taste buds.

Reykjavik – A Vegan Food Lover’s Paradise

Reykjavik, the vibrant capital city of Iceland, is a haven for vegans and vegetarians. Its streets are dotted with an array of vegan restaurants, cafes, and eateries that cater to diverse dietary preferences. From cozy and intimate cafes to trendy and stylish restaurants, Reykjavik has it all. Let’s explore some of the must-visit vegan dining destinations that have put Iceland on the map as a vegan food lover’s paradise.

top 10 Vegan Restaurants in Iceland for Veggies Lovers


★★★★★ 986

Location: Frakkastígur 26a, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland

Contact: +354 544 4443


Timings: 11:30 AM to 11:00 PM

10 Tempting Vegan Restaurants in Iceland for a Flavorful Journey 13

Rok is a renowned vegan restaurant in Iceland that offers a delightful culinary experience. Located in Reykjavik, Rok takes pride in crafting flavorful plant-based dishes using fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Their menu features a fusion of Icelandic and international flavors, with options like vegan burgers, creative salads, and mouthwatering desserts. Rok’s cozy atmosphere and attentive service make it a favorite among locals and visitors alike.


★★★★★ 744

Location: Laugavegur 107, 105 Reykjavík, Iceland

Contact: +354 519 7755


Timings:  Monday to Wednesday  and Sunday 11:30 AM to 9:00 PM | Thursday to Saturday 11:30 AM to 10:00 PM

10 Tempting Vegan Restaurants in Iceland for a Flavorful Journey 14

Located in the heart of Reykjavik, KRÖST is a popular vegan restaurant that showcases the art of plant-based cuisine. With a focus on innovative flavors and visually stunning presentations, KRÖST offers a diverse menu of vegan dishes that cater to various tastes. From beautifully crafted salads and hearty bowls to savory burgers and indulgent desserts, each dish at KRÖST is a testament to its commitment to quality and creativity.

Mama Reykjavik

★★★★★ 317

Location: Laugavegur 2, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland

Contact: +354 766 6262


Timings: 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM

10 Tempting Vegan Restaurants in Iceland for a Flavorful Journey 15

Mama Reykjavik, the lovechild of the most stereotypically Nordic group you’re ever going to meet, is a true labor of love. The eatery has flourished since it was founded by a friendly (and appropriately bearded) group of yogis, travelers, and wellness enthusiasts.

Expect stews and salads to take center stage on their tiny but substantial menu, which also features dishes with African, Indian, and West Indian influences. My advice? The delicate brews of their aromatic herbal teas are the ideal digestif; come for the cuisine, but stay for them.

Loving Hut Iceland

★★★★★ 247

Location:  Laugavegur 164, 105 Reykjavík, Iceland

Contact: +354 552 8333


Timings: Monday to Saturday 11:00 am – 10:00 pm | Sunday 4:00 pm – 10:00 pm

10 Tempting Vegan Restaurants in Iceland for a Flavorful Journey 16

Loving Hut upholds tradition with their wonderful hospitality, as vegans are not typically renowned for their animosity. Dine amidst the minimalist Icelandic decor, which has rustic wooden beams and ambient lighting to complete the upscale ambiance.

Without leaving your seat, travel from Italy to Vietnam and beyond at Loving Hut, where the best foreign cuisine has been suitably veganized. There are vegan options for chicken, pork, and beef, so it will satisfy both meat eaters and new vegans.


★★★★★ 210

Location: Entrance from Ingólfsstræti, Hallveigarstigur 1, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland

Contact: + 354 776 5757


Timings: Monday to Saturday 11:00 AM  to 8:00 PM | Sunday Closed

10 Tempting Vegan Restaurants in Iceland for a Flavorful Journey 17

The Chickpea team likes fresh vegetables more than anyone else, in our opinion. The inventive plant-based treats made at this Reykjavik vegan cafe are created with locally sourced, seasonally appropriate ingredients. Furthermore, there is typically a pickled item in keeping with Icelandic tradition.

The platters from Chickpea are heaped thick and hearty enough to attract the carnivores in your group (and perhaps even start a pleasant argument). Each dish is an abstract work of art that has been arranged in a straightforward creative manner.

Vegan World Peace

★★★★★ 174

Location: Aðalstræti 2, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland

Contact: + 354 556 2200

Timings: Monday 11: 30 to 9:00 PM | Sunday 4:00 AM to 9:00 PM

10 Tempting Vegan Restaurants in Iceland for a Flavorful Journey 18

Vegan World Peace is a unique vegan restaurant in Iceland that goes beyond just serving delicious food. Situated in Reykjavik, this restaurant is dedicated to promoting compassion and ethical choices through its plant-based menu. Vegan World Peace offers a range of flavorful dishes made with wholesome ingredients, ensuring a guilt-free dining experience. Their commitment to sustainability and animal welfare shines through in every aspect of their restaurant.


★★★★★ 144

Location: Fákfen 9, Fákafen, 108 Reykjavík, Iceland

Contact: 354 553 1111


Timings: Monday to Saturday 11:00 AM  to 8:00 PM | Sunday Closed

10 Tempting Vegan Restaurants in Iceland for a Flavorful Journey 19

You’ll never go too far from a great vegan pit stop with four sites in Iceland (three of which are in the Reykjavik region). Their best work? those bowls. Yes, Gló recognizes that bowls—whether they be Buddha, Mexican, or poke—are the preferred format for vegans, and their menu is designed accordingly.

Each dish, whether it is vegan or vegetarian, has one thing in common: it is packed full of hearty, soul-nourishing ingredients and colorful vegetables.

Geiri Smart

★★★★★ 98

Location: Hverfisgata 30, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland

Contact: +354 528 7050


Timings: 5: 30 AM to 9:30 PM

10 Tempting Vegan Restaurants in Iceland for a Flavorful Journey 20

Geiri Smart is a hidden gem among vegan restaurants in Iceland. Tucked away in the charming town of Akureyri, Geiri Smart delights diners with its creative and artfully presented vegan cuisine. The restaurant’s menu showcases an array of plant-based dishes that reflect the flavors of the region. From inspired starters to delectable mains and delightful desserts, Geiri Smart offers a gastronomic adventure for vegan food enthusiasts.


★★★★★ 76

Location: Suðurlandsbraut 12, 108 Reykjavík, Iceland

Contact: +354 557 5880


Timings: 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM | Saturday and Sunday Closed

10 Tempting Vegan Restaurants in Iceland for a Flavorful Journey 21

Krska is a cheerful and welcoming restaurant that serves a regularly-changing daily menu of organic and healthful food that is mostly influenced by vegetarian cookery from India.

The accompanying bread and hummus, which you can gorge on to your heart’s content but aren’t required to because their dishes are so incredibly abundantly filled, are always specially labeled as being vegan-friendly.

You can choose to make any of the available salads vegan, in which case they will still include the chicken and yogurt dressing, come with pesto, and cost less. Since they cook all of their food on-site, I like to think of them as a welcome rival to Gló, another well-liked salad bar, and health food restaurant. Krska is a little outside of the city center, but the trip there is definitely worth it.

SÓNÓ matseljur

 ★★★★★ 26

Location: Sæmundargata 11, Sæmundargata 11, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland

Contact: + 354 851 6060


Timings: Monday Closed | Tuesday to Sunday 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

10 Tempting Vegan Restaurants in Iceland for a Flavorful Journey 22

SÓNÓ matseljur is a must-visit vegan restaurant located in the heart of Reykjavik. With a focus on organic and locally sourced ingredients, SÓNÓ matseljur creates dishes that are not only delicious but also environmentally conscious. Their menu is carefully crafted to offer a range of flavors and textures, from light and refreshing salads to hearty and satisfying plant-based mains. SÓNÓ matseljur’s commitment to sustainability and wholesome dining is evident in every dish they serve.

Immerse Yourself in the Vegan Culinary Delights of Iceland

Iceland’s vegan food scene extends beyond the walls of restaurants. Street food markets, food trucks, and festivals also showcase the diversity and innovation of plant-based cuisine. Here are a few ways to fully immerse yourself in the vegan culinary delights of Iceland:

  1. Visit Vegan-Friendly Cafes: Apart from dedicated vegan restaurants, Reykjavik boasts numerous cafes that offer vegan-friendly options. Explore cozy corners, savor aromatic coffees, and indulge in vegan pastries or sandwiches while enjoying the city’s vibrant atmosphere.
  2. Experience Vegan Food Festivals: Keep an eye out for vegan food festivals that take place in various locations across Iceland. These events bring together local and international vendors, offering a smorgasbord of delectable vegan delights. It’s an excellent opportunity to discover new flavors, meets like-minded individuals, and celebrate the joys of plant-based living.
  3. Take a Vegan Food Tour: Joining a vegan food tour allows you to navigate the local culinary scene with the guidance of knowledgeable experts. These tours often provide insights into the city’s history, culture, and of course, its thriving vegan food culture. Embark on a culinary adventure, tasting your way through the city’s best vegan offerings.

Conclusion: A Vegan Paradise Awaits in Iceland

Iceland has blossomed into a vegan paradise, where conscious dining and exceptional flavors converge. The vegan restaurants in Reykjavik have crafted a culinary experience that showcases the best of Icelandic ingredients while embracing the principles of veganism. From innovative plant-based creations to vegan twists on traditional dishes, you’ll discover a world of gastronomic delights that cater to all palates.

Whether you’re a dedicated vegan, a curious traveler, or someone simply seeking healthier dining options, the vegan restaurants in Iceland are sure to leave a lasting impression. So, embark on your culinary journey, immerse yourself in the vibrant food scene, and savor every moment as you explore the diverse and delectable plant-based offerings in this awe-inspiring country. Iceland is ready to delight your taste buds and nourish your soul with its outstanding vegan cuisine.


Are there vegan restaurants in Iceland?

Yes, Iceland has a growing number of vegan restaurants that cater to plant-based diets. These establishments offer a wide range of delicious vegan dishes made with fresh and locally sourced ingredients. The best vegan restaurants in Iceland are:
– Rok
– Mama Reykjavik
– Loving Hut Iceland
– Chickpea
– Vegan World Peace
– Gló
– Geiri Smart
– Krúska
– SÓNÓ Matseljur

Do vegan restaurants in Iceland offer gluten-free options?

Many vegan restaurants in Iceland understand the importance of catering to different dietary needs and offer gluten-free options on their menus. It’s always a good idea to check with the specific restaurant beforehand or inquire about gluten-free options when dining.

Are vegan restaurants in Iceland expensive?

The prices at vegan restaurants in Iceland can vary depending on the establishment and the dishes they offer. While some restaurants may have higher price ranges, there are also more affordable options available. It’s advisable to check the menus and prices of specific restaurants to get an idea of their price range.

Do vegan restaurants in Iceland require reservations?

It is recommended to make reservations at popular vegan restaurants in Iceland, especially during peak tourist seasons or weekends, to ensure you secure a table. Reservations can typically be made through the restaurant’s website or by contacting them directly.

Are there vegan options available at non-vegan restaurants in Iceland?

Yes, many non-vegan restaurants in Iceland are increasingly including vegan options on their menus to accommodate the growing demand for plant-based meals. It’s worth exploring the menus or contacting the restaurants in advance to inquire about vegan options.

Can I find vegan fast-food options in Iceland?

Yes, Iceland offers vegan fast-food options as well. Some vegan fast-food establishments or food trucks provide quick and convenient plant-based meals such as vegan burgers, sandwiches, wraps, and more.

Do vegan restaurants in Iceland serve traditional Icelandic cuisine?

Some vegan restaurants in Iceland put a creative twist on traditional Icelandic dishes, offering plant-based versions of traditional favorites. This allows visitors to experience the flavors of Icelandic cuisine in a vegan-friendly way.

Are vegan restaurants in Iceland child-friendly?

Many vegan restaurants in Iceland are suitable for families and offer child-friendly options on their menus. However, it’s advisable to check the specific restaurant’s amenities and policies to ensure a family-friendly environment.

Can I find vegan desserts at vegan restaurants in Iceland?

Absolutely! Vegan restaurants in Iceland often provide a variety of delicious vegan desserts, ranging from cakes and pastries to ice creams and other sweet treats. These desserts are made without animal products but still offer a delightful and indulgent experience.

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