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Tempting Treats: 8 Best Gluten-Free Bakeries in Madrid Solo Traveler’s Guide


Hey there, fellow gluten-free foodies!

Are you trying to find gluten-free bakeries in Madrid? Don’t worry I got your back.

Although it’s not simple, Madrid offers more gluten-free options than most other Spanish cities. Since freshly baked bread and other baked goods are typically the hardest to locate, I try to concentrate my recommendations for gluten-free travelers on places to explore in a certain city.

Spanish people adore bread. Frequently, it serves as the primary ingredient. For instance, toast topped with tomato sauce and olive oil is a common Spanish breakfast dish. Therefore, I want to research where I may acquire some fresh, gluten-free pan for myself in Spain! That’s why, while I traveled in Madrid, I set out to discover a few excellent gluten-free bakeries.

Tempting Treats: 8 Best Gluten-Free Bakeries in Madrid Solo Traveler’s Guide 13

Although I don’t eat bread daily, I find it quite difficult to survive in countries where bread is a major part of the diet, such as Spain, Italy, and France. People may be seen all over you, eating bocadillos, pulling off pieces of baguette to take with the Jamon and cheese, and using large slices of warm bread from the bread basket to wipe their plates.

Are you short on time? Here are my recommendations for the top 8 gluten-free bakeries in Madrid; I’ve eaten at nearly all of them, with one or two exceptions.

Sound good? Now let’s get started!

0% Gluten

The idea behind 0% Gluten is straightforward yet brilliant: it’s a place where people with celiac disease and other allergies may eat without worrying. Imagine being able to eat anything and everything without worrying about the slightest, including salads, hot cocoa, bread, and pastries. With a 100% gluten-free guarantee and fresh baking done the day you indulge yourself, they’ve got you covered.

Tempting Treats: 8 Best Gluten-Free Bakeries in Madrid Solo Traveler’s Guide 14

Let’s talk treats, shall we?

0% Gluten offers a wide variety of baked goods, including pizzas, focaccias, tarts, muffins, cakes, brioches, cookies, and biscuits. I’ve almost finished the menu, and I promise you that every meal is a gluten-free revelation.

They also have savory treats, so it’s not only about the baked goodies. Imagine a wide selection of drinks, salads, sandwiches, and pizzas to satisfy all of your cravings. This little chain of bakeries and restaurants can be found throughout Spain’s major cities, and trust me when I say that anyone with a gluten, lactose, or egg allergy will find paradise here.

Location:             C. de Vallehermoso, 33, 28015 Madrid, Spain

Timings:              09:00 AM to 09:00 PM


Contact:              +34 914 45 09 44

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Toma Café

In June 2023, I discovered Toma Café, a cozy safe haven tucked away in Madrid’s trendy and bustling Malasaña district. I have to say, this place is a coffee lover’s paradise. Their goal was always to make the best coffee and espresso possible, and they certainly succeeded in this regard.

Toma-Cafe-Gluten-Free Bakeries in Madrid
Tempting Treats: 8 Best Gluten-Free Bakeries in Madrid Solo Traveler’s Guide 15

Fast forward to today, Toma Café is still a quaint, tiny coffee shop that is sincerely dedicated to quality and all things natural. Not only are the people behind the counter baristas, but they’re also your casual, amiable coffee friends.

Here’s the delicious twist: gluten-free cakes. Yes, they do more than just your typical “gluten-free chocolate brownie” from those large coffee chains. Your taste buds will appreciate that Toma Café elevates gluten-free desserts to a whole new level. I can feel the chilly vibrations of Malasaña as I sip my coffee. It’s the ideal place to stop while wandering the Illustration Museum.

Location:             Calle de la Palma 49. 28004, Madrid

Timings:              8:00 AM to 10:00 PM


Instagram:          @tomacafe

Contact:              +34 914 89 10 26


As a solo traveler exploring Madrid, I’ve discovered the perfect sanctuary for anyone looking for a little bit of home combined with real Spanish sweets. In my opinion, celicioso is one of the best gluten-free bakeries and a coffee shop. Imagine a sweet little place that serves an abundance of treats, like cheesecakes, brownies, cupcakes, slices of cake, banoffee pie, and delicious cookies.

Tempting Treats: 8 Best Gluten-Free Bakeries in Madrid Solo Traveler’s Guide 16

The delicious selections and thoughtfulness towards accommodating dietary requirements are what make this place so beautiful. Don’t worry if you’re a vegetarian or vegan, have a lactose intolerance, or are allergic to nuts or dried fruits. The menu is embellished with convenient markings that signify the appropriate recipient for each delicious item.

Let’s talk about drinks now. Coffee lovers, celebrate! Grab a soft drink (with options for soy milk) or your favorite beer, and relax in their cozy seating area. It’s the ideal place to relax, enjoy your delicious dessert, and maybe take in the atmosphere of the area.

Location:             Calle Hortaleza 3. 28004, Madrid

Timings:              09:00 AM to 9:30 PM


Instagram:          @celicioso

Contact:              +34 915 31 88 87

La Celiacateca

Let me tell you about one of my favorite places to visit in Madrid, La Celiacateca, which is tucked away in the Lista neighborhood. And believe me when I say that this place is essentially heaven on earth if you have a sweet taste like myself.           

Tempting Treats: 8 Best Gluten-Free Bakeries in Madrid Solo Traveler’s Guide 17

La Celiacateca is well-known for its incredibly decadent freshly baked goods. I’m talking about donuts, you know, loaded with custard or wrapped in chocolate, that are so delicious they ought to be outlawed. What about the butter cookies? Let’s not even talk about me. They have pastries, cakes, pies, and magdalenas that will make you wonder if you should really follow that diet.

Here’s the story twist: this isn’t just about getting a sugar rush. La Celiacateca is a master of the savory dish. There are plenty of flavors of empanadas and crispy boules of bread that would make any fan of carbohydrates weak in the knees. Oh my, and the specialties. When I last visited their Facebook page, they were serving up something like an incredible French toast.

Location:             C. de Eraso, 3, 28028 Madrid, Spain

Timings:              08:30 AM to 12:00 AM


Instagram:          @laceliacoteca

Contact:              +34 919 19 59 16

Casa Brioche

I’ve discovered a game-changing gluten-free gem in Madrid. For anyone following a gluten-free diet, Casa Brioche nestled away between Castellana and Vallehermoso, is a magical place.

Tempting Treats: 8 Best Gluten-Free Bakeries in Madrid Solo Traveler’s Guide 18

The main attraction of the performance is the gluten-free brioche. And believe me when I say that it’s revolutionary. Buttery, chewy, and freshly made every morning. You’ll question why there wasn’t always such delicious gluten-free food.

Casa Brioche has a wide variety of fluffy, delicious delights and is similar to a wonderland for gluten-free foodies. Cakes to satisfy even the most sensitive palate, authentic bagels, brioche burger buns to elevate your burger experience, dinner rolls, focaccia bread, and even gluten-free croissants are all available. Yes, it seems almost too good to be true.

Location:             Calle de Bretón de los Herreros, 6, 28003 Madrid, Spain

Timings:              10:00 AM to 7:30 PM


Instagram:          @casabrioche

Contact:              +34 915 55 60 50

Sana Locura

What defines this location? First off, it’s like discovering a unicorn in Spain: they’ve figured out how to make multigrain gluten-free bread and pastries. The best aspect is that their prices are affordable. This bakery provides a sweet deal without sacrificing taste or diversity when compared to other bakeries.

Tempting Treats: 8 Best Gluten-Free Bakeries in Madrid Solo Traveler’s Guide 19

But hold on, things get better still. Get ready for a gluten-free feast that includes a wide variety of savory and sweet foods, such as pizza, empanadas, focaccia, tarts, and more. You don’t have to limit yourself to dessert in this gluten-free utopia.

It’s time to discuss their breakfast deal. This business is a lifesaver for someone like me who can never seem to locate a fast coffee and a gluten-free pastry for less than 10 euros. Imagine paying just 3.50 euros to purchase your preferred croissant or muffin and a cup of coffee. The small things, like freshly baked pastries, fragrant coffee, and news updates, are what really make this place seem like home.

Location:             C. del Gral. Oráa, 49, 28006 Madrid, Spain

Timings:              8:30 AM to 08:00 PM


Instagram:          @sanalocuraglutenfreebakery

Contact:              +34 917 29 57 47

Pastelería Artediet

Located to the east of the city center, it is easily accessible with just a 25-minute metro journey from the “Ibiza” stop in Retiro Park. Ideal for when you suddenly get the want for some delectable gluten-free sweets after spending the afternoon relaxing in the park.

Tempting Treats: 8 Best Gluten-Free Bakeries in Madrid Solo Traveler’s Guide 20

What makes Artedieta unique is its commitment to maintaining a gluten-free environment and preventing cross-contamination. They go above and beyond by baking each of their gluten-free products individually, guaranteeing worry-free enjoyment.

Get ready to indulge in exquisitely prepared tea biscuits, blissfully delicious truffles, and irresistibly delicious Spanish chocolate “palmerita” pastries. Not only that, but they also provide a variety of authentic Spanish cakes that will turn your gluten-free trip into a gourmet quest.

Location:             C. Villardondiego, 22, posterior, 28032 Madrid, Spain

Timings:              9:30 PM to 8:00 PM

Instagram:          @singluten_artediet

Contact:              +34 911 15 25 46

Pastelería La Oriental Sin Gluten

Let me finally tell you about La Oriental, a secret gem in Madrid that has captured my gluten-free heart. What makes this location special? They have two locations that are adjacent to one another. While the other is less of a gluten-free haven, the former is. The best part is that you won’t feel left out at either location because of the sweetest owner ever.

Tempting Treats: 8 Best Gluten-Free Bakeries in Madrid Solo Traveler’s Guide 21

The owner simply listened to her clients and came up with an excellent idea to go gluten-free. She dedicated one entire side of La Oriental to gluten-free delicacies as more and more people were unable to enjoy her treats, removing any possibility of gluten transmission.

In addition to having professional training, the pastry chefs here hold certifications in gluten-free cookery and collaborate closely with the Madrid Celiac Association. Thus, you can eat without concern.

Tempting Treats: 8 Best Gluten-Free Bakeries in Madrid Solo Traveler’s Guide 22

The best part is that La Oriental was recognized as the top gluten-free donut shop in Madrid, winning an award. They were commended by the Community of Madrid’s Association of Artisan Pastry and Bakery Entrepreneurs.

I forgot to add that they maintain it reasonably priced. A win-win situation with reasonably priced, excellent gluten-free treats.

Location:             C. de Ferraz, 47, 28008 Madrid, Spain

Timings:              08:00 AM to 09:45 PM


Instagram:          @pasteleria_laoriental

Contact:              +34 915 59 70 45

Wrapping Up: Gluten-Free Bakeries

The best gluten-free bakeries in Madrid are located there. You should still be able to enjoy typical bakery cuisine even if you have a food allergy.

A path will always find its way where there is a will. These bakers are deeply committed to providing their allergy-conscious clients with a wide range of options and high-quality products while they’re at it. You’re in luck since in Madrid, you don’t have to sacrifice style.

Which of these gluten-free bakeries are you familiar with? Even if you are not gluten intolerant, would you still dine at one? Tell me in the comments section below!


Why 0% Gluten is so famous?

0% gluten is famous for its salads, hot cocoa, bread, and pastries. With a 100% gluten-free guarantee and fresh baking each day.

Who won the award for best donuts in Madrid?

La Oriental was recognized as the top gluten-free donut shop in Madrid. The Community of Madrid’s Association of Artisan Pastry and Bakery Entrepreneurs presented this honor.

What is the main attraction of Casa Brioche?

The main attraction of casa brioche is the gluten-free brioche.

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