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Top 5 Best Bars in Iceland Reykjavik


Greetings, fellow explorers!

Reykjavik should be your destination if you’re looking for the best nightlife in Iceland. In today’s article let me present you the best bars in Iceland Reykjavik. This hidden gem is surrounded by the gorgeous mountains of Iceland, creating a breathtaking backdrop. This city’s lively energy and distinctive attractions drew me in the moment I arrived.

Reykjavik never ceases to amaze me, whether it’s with the breathtaking scenery that makes up Iceland’s top tourist attractions or the fascinating stories about the whales that frequent its chilly seas. Not to mention the adorable stores, cozy cafes, and mouthwatering restaurants that line the streets. This bar offers a lovely fusion of Iceland’s cultural essence and its friendly, welcoming character, so it’s no surprise that it stands out from the crowd.

The best bars in Iceland Reykjavik is more than just a place to drink; it’s a window through the heart and soul of this magnificent country. Whether you’re here to rest after a day of exploring or to enjoy the stories told over a glass of local beer. So come along with me as we take a sip-by-sip tour of the tastes, sights, and noises that sum up Iceland’s lively Reykjavik.

Now let’s jump straight to the article in which we will explore the best bars in Iceland Reykjavik


When it comes to experiencing the Best Bar in Iceland Reykjavik, Sæmundur Gastro Pub is a must-visit. I knew as soon as I entered its doors that I had made a unique discovery. Its location, which is tucked away in the center of Reykjavik, perfectly encapsulates the vibrant energy of the city. I have to admit, I was attracted not only by the cozy and inviting atmosphere but also by the breathtaking views of the nearby mountains that you can take in while drinking your beverage.

Top 5 Best Bars in Iceland Reykjavik 7

Let’s now discuss what makes Sæmundur Gastro Pub even more unique. It is more than just a tavern; it is part of history. This tavern, located inside the renowned KEX Hostel, brilliantly combines historical charm with a contemporary ambiance. There is a strong sense of community created by being around other travelers, residents, and pleasant people from all over the world.

Furthermore, if you’re anything like me, the tempting appeal of delectable cuisine is difficult to resist. You may pair your favorite drink with a delicious range of Icelandic delights at Sæmundur Gastro Pub.


After launching in the fall of 2018, the popular international beer-bar chain Brewdog has become very popular in Reykjavik. When it comes to finding the Best Bar in Iceland Reykjavik, this bar ticks all the boxes. Both the ambiance and the beer selection are excellent. Beyond compare. We’re talking about a place where every drink has its own special tale for beer lovers like me.

Top 5 Best Bars in Iceland Reykjavik 8

This two-floor attraction is sure to provide you with a good time and good beer. It is situated on the burgeoning Hverfisgata Street. Along with worldwide brewers, they collaborate with Icelandic ones, which is a nice addition to their selection of well-known Brewdog beers. Excellent dining options are available at BrewDog Reykjavik, which also offers drinks and food that is gluten-free and vegan-friendly.


If you are looking for the best bar in Iceland Reykjavik? Look no further than Microbar. Microbar, tucked away in the center of the city, stands out as a treasure among Reykjavik’s thriving nightlife. This restaurant, renowned for its cozy atmosphere and an extensive collection of specialty brews, provides both residents and visitors with an unmatched experience.

Microbar offers a wide selection of regional and international brews to satisfy beer connoisseurs looking for distinctive flavors and premium quality. The warm and friendly atmosphere grabbed me. Being surrounded by welcoming people and a great assortment of drinks makes you feel right at home.


This tiny, attractive old house, which is housed in the same building as the Nameless Pizza Place, contains everything you could possibly need, including wonderful food and an extensive menu of fine beers and brews.

Top 5 Best Bars in Iceland Reykjavik 9

Having the bar on the second floor and the restaurant on the first. Mikkeller and Friends Reykjavik offer locally brewed beer, gluten-free beer, and even strange-tasting beer that is only advised for the most daring drinkers!


The Winner! In a list of the best bars in Iceland Reykjavik is Skuli Bar. Both locals and tourists may enjoy a unique experience at SKULI CRAFT BAR. This bar highlights the vast diversity of Icelandic and foreign cuisines with its well-curated selection of specialty beers and beverages, pleasing even the most demanding palates.

Top 5 Best Bars in Iceland Reykjavik 10

The bar places a lot of emphasis on the well-known Borg Brewery, a local favorite, but it also offers some exotic drinks from around the globe. Treat your taste buds and feel free to ask any questions; the staff is incredibly welcoming, helpful, and last but not least, informed about what they have to offer!

Final Words about Best Bars in Iceland Reykjavik

In conclusion, my journey through the Best Bars in Iceland Reykjavik has been a lifetime memory. Each of them offers a distinctive glimpse into the essence of Reykjavik, from the lively ambiance of Sæmundur Gastro Pub to the craft beer haven of BrewDog and the homey charm of Microbar.

It’s incredible how these bars act as entryways to the city’s cultural core in addition to being a place to unwind. These pubs have definitely made my trip to Reykjavik memorable, whether it was drinking beverages while admiring the mountains, hearing whale tales, or visiting the adjacent cafes and shops.

So, to all of my fellow visitors, don’t pass up the chance to enjoy the warmth, companionship, and flavors that Best Bars in Iceland Reykjavik have to offer.


What criteria define the “Best Bar in Iceland Reykjavik”?

Reykjavik’s “Best Bar” is chosen based on characteristics including environment, drink quality, unique experience, and cultural reflection.

Are various kinds of travelers able to enjoy these bars?

Without a doubt, Reykjavik’s Best Bars welcome all types of tourists, including independent travelers as well as couples, groups of friends, and families.

How do I pick the best bar in Iceland Reykjavik?

Consider your tastes, such as if you want history, artisan beer, picturesque views, or local suggestions when looking for the ideal pub. Options can be reduced with the aid of online resources and reviews.

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