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8 Best Hotels In Milan For An Unforgettable Stay


A city brimming with artistic flair and cultural panache, Italy’s financial center is also the nation’s most multicultural city. Smart hotels have proliferated all over the world in the last few years.

Bourgeois palazzi with lush courtyards, a distinctive Milanese architectural element, have been transformed into slick properties, some of which are part of pricey multinational chains like Mandarin Oriental and Four Seasons.

As the center of Italian fashion, there are plenty of opulent hotels to use as a launching pad for some people-watching (the Bulgari is a perfect example). Nevertheless, Milan isn’t just about fashionistas stating their need for attention.

Friendly B&Bs and inexpensive, family-run hotels that won’t break the bank are tucked away here and there.

The top hotels in Milan are listed below.

List of 8 Best Hotels in Milan

#.1 Portrait Milano

The now-leafy design capital of Italy has changed over the past ten years from a drab business haze to a dashing modern feather in the country’s cap.

8 Best Hotels In Milan For An Unforgettable Stay 11

Just a five-minute whoosh on the city’s high-speed sustainable metro will take you to Linate Airport, where there is a slew of museum expansions, “centralissimo” eateries, and a second wave of hotel openings. With the restoration of this baroque monastic institution tucked away in the famous Fashion Quadrilateral, Portrait Milano puts tourists in the city’s physical, spiritual, and opulent heart.

 In December 2022, Milan’s mayor officially opened its sizable private courtyard as a new public square.

The building’s ground floor is planned to be a brand-new playground for Milanese designers, spas, and restaurants. The suites are spacious mid-century apartments from Milan made of walnut and cardinal red velvet, with opulent accents like antler-shaped leather knobs made by Florentine artisans and thorough vanity kits in the powder rooms.

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#2. Milan Four Seasons Hotel – Luxury Hotels in Milan

The Milan Four Seasons is a stylishly contemporary luxury hotel with accommodations located in a convent from the fifteenth century that expertly combines old-world elegance and modern convenience.

8 Best Hotels In Milan For An Unforgettable Stay 12

The hotel is centrally located in the city’s shopping district. The rooms are roomy and elegantly equipped, and some Premium rooms have views of the enormous courtyard garden.

Along with a fantastic spa and a stunning pool area, the hotel also has a first-rate lounge and a garden restaurant. Additionally, there are suites; the executive king suite can accommodate up to four people. a three-block distance from Montenapoleone Metro Station.

#3. Mandarin Oriental – Luxury Hotel

The Mandarin is located in an early 20th-century house near the Fashion District and features excellent boiserie created by Italian artisans in gentle, mellow tones. Locals and visitors alike throng to the Mandarin Bar & Bistrot to savor creative drinks in an eye-catching geometric setting (during the summer, the activity is moved outside to the lush courtyard).

8 Best Hotels In Milan For An Unforgettable Stay 13

Antonio Guida, the executive chef at the Michelin-starred Seta, creates innovative Italian cuisine that draws on his Apulian heritage. Wellness enthusiasts go to the tranquil spa, which has a swimming pool, saunas, and steam rooms, as well as holistic treatments that integrate the best elements of Eastern and Western therapy.

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#4. Chateau Monfort – Closest to Duomo

The Chateau Monfort is everything from stuffy, in contrast to many of Milan’s upscale accommodations. The décor emphasizes quirky fairy-tale elements, and the lobby’s cotton candy appears like a set from a Hollywood film. It is a little off the usual road but still close to the Duomo.

8 Best Hotels In Milan For An Unforgettable Stay 14

With quirky decor, hardwood flooring, and spacious bathrooms, opera-themed rooms and suites based on classics like The Nutcracker and Madame Butterfly are popular choices.

The on-site spa contains a saltwater pool, sauna, and Turkish bath, and there is a better-than-good restaurant with a sizable library/wine cellar.

#5. Armani Hotel Milano – Stylish Hotels in Milan

In the upscale Via Montenapoleone fashion district in the heart of the city, the ultra-modern Armani is a real design hotel that is exclusive. Every aspect of the hotel, including the structure of the building (it’s shaped like “A”), was approved by Giorgio Armani himself, and the fusion of his stylish aesthetic with the hotel’s opulence results in an experience that is flawlessly elegant.

8 Best Hotels In Milan For An Unforgettable Stay 15

Huge bathrooms with Armani products and rainfall showers are included in the stylish and roomy accommodations. The two-story, fully equipped signature suites are called suites. On-site dining options include Michelin-starred restaurants and a world-class spa.

The famed Nobu restaurant is located only downstairs, and the Emporio Armani store is also nearby.

#6. Principe di Savoia – Elegant Hotels in Milan

The Principe di Savoia, located outside of Milan’s busy city center yet ideally close to the Repubblica Metro stop, emanates classic elegance in the contemporary Porta Nuova district.

8 Best Hotels In Milan For An Unforgettable Stay 16

Views from several of the rooms showcase the vibrant urban edge of this increasingly modern metropolis, with new buildings highlighting the environment. Guest rooms have hand-painted murals, marble bathrooms, and a typical, elegant Italian design. The presidential suite features three bedrooms and a private pool, and the other suites are opulent and roomy.

In addition, the hotel has a wonderful restaurant, a stunning lounge with an oval shape, a rooftop patio, an indoor pool, and a spa. Additionally, visitors have access to limousine service in the city’s center.

#7. Room Mate Giulia – Creative and Lively Hotels in Milan

Giulia, your roommate, is young, lively, and creative, and she can be located close to the Duomo. Patricia Urquiola, a Spanish/Italian designer of the moment, is responsible for the interior decor. She furnished each of the 85 industrial-chic rooms with flat-screen TVs, desks, and coffeemakers and decorated them in greens, oranges, and blues.

8 Best Hotels In Milan For An Unforgettable Stay 17

A vibrant and contemporary four-star hotel with a fantastic position only steps from the Duomo and a short stroll from upscale shops. With clean lines, a soft jewel-tone color scheme, and a vintage feel, its 85 rooms are minimally designed.

Most accommodate two to three people; Standard rooms are small but adequate, while Superior and Deluxe tiers provide more space — and one has a sizable furnished terrace.

With its brilliant lighting and wall-to-wall paintings, the foyer encourages relaxing and mingling. A modest gym and sauna are located downstairs in the basement.

#8. Park Hyatt Milano

The Park Hyatt offers luxurious, roomy lodgings with tall ceilings and enormous bathrooms on the outskirts of the Galleria and Piazza de Duomo.

8 Best Hotels In Milan For An Unforgettable Stay 18

There are two lounges, a stunning spa, and a sizable gym, in addition to two independent on-site restaurants serving cuisine from a Michelin-starred Sicilian chef. Each of the four classes of suites has its own terrace and may accommodate up to four people. Ideally situated in the middle of everything.

Final Words

In Milan, a city of artistic flair and cultural richness, a diverse range of hotels await travelers.

From opulent luxury options like the Milan Four Seasons and Mandarin Oriental to creative gems like Room Mate Giulia, visitors can find accommodations tailored to their preferences.

Armani Hotel Milano reflects Giorgio Armani’s aesthetic, while Principe di Savoia offers classic elegance in a modern district.

Chateau Monfort and B&Bs provide budget-friendly and quirky alternatives. Portrait Milano combines history and innovation.

These Hotels in Milan cater to various tastes, ensuring a captivating stay in this multicultural and artistic city.


What types of hotels in Milan are available?

Milan offers a diverse range of hotels to cater to various preferences. You can find opulent luxury options like Milan Four Seasons and Mandarin Oriental, as well as creative and contemporary choices like Room Mate Giulia. There are also classic and elegant establishments like Principe di Savoia, along with budget-friendly and quirky alternatives such as Chateau Momfort and local B&Bs.

Are there hotels in Milan that reflect Milan’s artistic and cultural character?

Yes, several hotels in Milan capture the city’s artistic and cultural essence. The Armani Hotel Milano, for example, reflects Giorgio Armani’s design aesthetic, providing a unique and stylish experience. Portrait Milano combines historical restoration and innovative design to offer a stay that immerses you in the heart of the city’s culture.

Which hotels in Milan provide luxury accommodations?

Milan boasts luxury accommodations like the Milan Four Seasons, where old-world elegance meets modern convenience. The Mandarin Oriental is another luxurious option, featuring Italian artisanal touches and a Michelin-starred restaurant. The Principe di Savoia offers classic elegance in a contemporary district, and the Park Hyatt Milano offers spacious lodgings with top-notch amenities.

Are there budget-friendly hotels in Milan?

Yes, Milan provides budget-friendly options such as Chateau Momfort and local family-run B&Bs. These establishments offer a relaxed atmosphere and unique decor that contrasts with the city’s energy, making them great choices for travelers seeking affordable yet memorable stays.

Which hotels provide a central location in Milan?

Several hotels offer central locations in Milan. For instance, Room Mate Giulia is situated steps away from the iconic Duomo and upscale shops. The Park Hyatt Milano, located on the outskirts of Galleria and Piazza de Duomo, offers convenient access to the heart of the city.

Can I experience Milan’s fashion scene while staying in a hotel?

Absolutely, Milan is a hub of fashion, and some hotels cater to this aspect. The Armani Hotel Milano, located in the upscale Via Montenapoleone fashion sector, provides a design-focused experience that reflects the city’s fashion influence.

Which hotels offer a blend of historical charm and modern elegance?

Hotels like the Milan Four Seasons and Principe di Savoia seamlessly blend historical charm with modern elegance. The Milan Four Seasons is located in a fifteenth-century convent, while Principe di Savoia emanates classic elegance in the contemporary Porta Nuova district.

Are there hotels that offer panoramic views of Milan?

Yes, Principe di Savoia offers rooms with views showcasing Milan’s vibrant urban edge, highlighting the city’s modern architecture and skyline.

How can I find a hotel that suits my preferences in Milan?

Researching the various hotels mentioned in the list of best hotels in Milan can help you find accommodations that align with your preferences. Consider factors such as location, design aesthetic, budget, and amenities to make an informed decision.

Are there hotels that offer both luxury amenities and proximity to cultural attractions?

Yes, hotels like Portrait Milano and Armani Hotel Milano offer luxurious amenities while also providing proximity to cultural attractions and shopping districts, ensuring you have a comprehensive experience of Milan’s offerings.

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