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Party in VIP Style: 10 Best Clubs in Valencia


Greetings, Party Lovers!

While Ibiza, Barcelona, and Madrid are frequently ranked as the top party destinations in Spain, Valencia is equally deserving of a top ranking. Valencia’s nightlife is unmatched, with a wide range of bars and clubs in Valencia to select from for a pleasant environment that endures throughout the year.

Valencia, the beating heart of Spain’s east coast, is renowned for its incredible nightlife attractions in addition to its cultural heritage and breathtaking architecture. This article reveals Valencia’s nightlife’s hidden treasures for those looking for the best enjoyment experience.

Valencia is the ideal city to enjoy you in from nightfall until dawn. You can unwind while enjoying a cocktail on a patio, dance the night away in the old town’s bars, or enjoy Mediterranean music while listening to the waves. Valencia genuinely has everything!

But which are the best clubs in Valencia? That’s exactly what our comprehensive guide to Valencia nightlife will attempt to address.

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Radio City

Radio City, a famous club tucked away in the center of Barrio del Carmen, is the perfect place to go if you’re looking for some after-hours entertainment. Since opening as a trailblazing juice bar in 1979, this club—a genuine gem in Valencia’s nightlife crown—has undergone a captivating makeover.

Party in VIP Style: 10 Best Clubs in Valencia 10

Radio City has changed over the years, becoming Valencia’s hippest after-hours haven and a major force behind the city’s artistic and cultural scene. It has evolved into a cultural hub that embraces a wide range of artistic expression with ease. This location is a shining light for all artists looking for support and a safe sanctuary, hosting frequent flamenco extravaganzas in addition to upbeat musical events.

The atmosphere is lively, energetic, and throbbing, beckoning partygoers to dance till the wee hours of the morning. Not to mention the wide assortment of cocktails, which is a living example of this establishment’s lively vibe. Since the action peaks at one in the morning, Radio City is the best place to go if you want to have an amazing night out in Valencia. This club is a live, breathing representation of the beat and spirit of the city, not just a place to hang out.

Location:              C/ de Sta. Teresa, 19, Ciutat Vella, 46001 València, Valencia, Spain

Timings:              11:00 PM to 04:00 PM

Instagram:          @radio_city_valencia

Contact:              +34 963 91 41 51

La Diva Club

Enter the mysterious world of La Diva, a special restaurant tucked away in the center of Valencia, and watch as it magically changes at midnight to reveal its secret identity as a lively nightclub.

Party in VIP Style: 10 Best Clubs in Valencia 11

When the clock approaches midnight, the restaurant transforms into a vibrant nightclub. DJs’ beats reverberate across the space, generating a frenetic environment. One of the walls is covered in a massive 70-square-meter screen, which enhances the audio feast with visual spectacle.

It is encouraged for guests to stay late, enjoying fine cocktails and smoothly switching from gastronomic excess to lively dancing. There is a cover charge to feel the vibrant pulse of La Diva’s nightclub persona for individuals who are only interested in the nighttime attractions. This place promises to provide an outstanding Valencia experience; it’s more than simply a restaurant; it’s a two-sided sanctuary where culinary creativity and nightlife harmoniously blend.

Location:              C/ de Sorní, 42, L’Eixample, 46004 València, Valencia, Spain

Timings:              01:15 PM to 05:00 PM and 07:30 PM to 03:30 AM

Instagram:          @ladivavalencia

Contact:              +34 960 99 00 20

Marina Beach Club

Marina Beach Club, a captivating sanctuary that offers an incredible nightlife experience in Valencia, is tucked away right on the sandy shoreline. An avant-garde restaurant, a seafood haven, an infinity pool that reflects the size of the sea, and a dance floor that pulses with carefully selected sounds from some of the best local and worldwide DJs are all features of this coastal gem.

Party in VIP Style: 10 Best Clubs in Valencia 12

When the sun sets, Marina Beach Club changes into one of Valencia’s most elegant nightclubs by dressing for the evening. The venue comes alive with a diverse crowd of both locals and tourists dressed in stylish yet laid-back attire. It’s the ideal place to enjoy a drink under the starry night sky while relaxing to the soothing sounds of deep house music.

Location:              Marina de Valencia, Poblados Marítimos, 46001 Valencia, Spain

Timings:              12:00 PM to 04:00 AM

Instagram:          @marinabeachclubvalencia

Contact:              +34 961 15 00 07

Mya Club

Among the six architectural marvels that make up the legendary Mya Club, it is a beacon of nightlife attraction nestled within the illustrious City of Arts and Sciences. Staying here is not just an experience, it’s a voyage considered the ultimate in Spanish luxury.

Party in VIP Style: 10 Best Clubs in Valencia 13

This cultural haven features an impressive outdoor club that attracts night owls, a grand garden, and an exhibition center. The massive patio, a stylish haven for sipping cocktails amid flickering candlelight, palm trees, and the pulsating embrace of Latin music, doubles as a viewpoint for the best views of the city.

Mya is a key player among Valencia’s nighttime stars because it exudes life and has an atmosphere that is alive with the vivid colors of multicolored graffiti. This nightclub transcends beyond its name; it’s the pinnacle of throbbing sounds, eye-catching graphics, and a vibe that perfectly captures Valencia’s nightlife. Mya is an unparalleled gem in the fabric of Valencia’s clubs since it is like entering a world where every second is an echo of vibrancy.

Location:              Av. del Professor López Piñero, 5, Quatre Carreres, 46013 València, Valencia, Spain

Timings:              11:59 PM to 07:00 AM

Instagram:          @myavalenciaoficial

Contact:              +34 960 00 03 00


For night owls looking for an electronic symphony that goes beyond the ordinary, Barraca has been the unequaled haven since the swinging sixties. With its four mysterious rooms, including the throbbing Circo, this underground legend has been the nighttime beating heart of people who want to dance to the best electronic tunes until dawn.

Party in VIP Style: 10 Best Clubs in Valencia 14

More than just a club, Barraca is an evocative pilgrimage that’s always bustling with a diverse mix of locals and visitors. A blend of house, electro, and true techno fills the air as the night wears on, guaranteeing a soul-satisfying auditory experience.

Barraca is a journey off the usual route that begins in the charming coastal community of Les Palmeres, 30 kilometers south of Valencia. Valencians and others are drawn to this sanctuary by its heartbeats, which reverberate far beyond its coastline boundaries and attract partygoers. Frequent buses connect Valencia and Les Palmeres, completing the journey as accessible as the music that echoes within the magical walls of Barraca.

Location:             Plaça Numero 6, 241, 46419 Sueca, Valencia, Spain

Timings:              11:59 PM to 07:40 AM

Instagram:          @barraca_music

Contact:              +34 963 85 85 85

Latex Club

Enter the world of The Latex Club, a nighttime sanctuary that feels, in the best way possible, eerily similar to the sinister double of Picadilly, its neighbor. Entering this mysterious haven is like entering the beating heart of Tron, where black matter melds with glowing circuitry to create an industrial and techno symphony that reverberates right through the center.

Party in VIP Style: 10 Best Clubs in Valencia 15

The Latex Club is more than simply a place to go; it’s an immersive experience that draws in fans of electronic music and is reminiscent of Berlin’s legendary nightlife. This area takes on a new life every Friday night when it becomes the legendary Club Gordo. Even though it is located in the same physical location, it conducts different sessions that are characterized as “dark house, techno, and advanced music.” Nothing novel. Nothing about commerce.”

Location:             C/ de Carles Cervera, 23, L’Eixample, 46004 València, Valencia, Spain

Timings:              12:00 AM to 07:30 AM

Discoteca Spook

Tucked away around 12 kilometers south of the energetic Valencia, Discoteca Spook shines brightly at night, drawing beat lovers into its heart-pounding embrace. This well-known nightclub spans two large levels and has a large dance floor that can accommodate a lively group of up to 2,000 guests. A blend of international and local DJs creates a musical journey that takes listeners from underground techno to the electrifying beats of electronic music.

Party in VIP Style: 10 Best Clubs in Valencia 16

As the night goes on, Discoteca Spook transforms into a bustling carnival of sound and movement, so be sure to have enough space for your dance adventures. For those who wish to escape the relentless beats before getting back into the beat battle, an outside terrace provides a tranquil haven.

Location:             Carr. del Río, 399, Poblados del Sur, 46012 Valencia, Spain

Timings:              06:00 PM to 07:40 AM


Wrapping Up the Best Clubs in Valencia

Valencia’s club scene is a colorful tapestry made of local charm, varied beats, and cultural influences. Clubs in Valencia ensure a unique experience for all patrons, regardless of expertise level. Valencia’s nightlife is a celebration just waiting to be experienced, from the heart-pounding rhythms of Flamenco to the throbbing pulses of EDM.


What is the legal drinking age in Valencia, Spain?

In Valencia, the legal drinking age is 18. To ensure seamless access to clubs, always bring valid identification with you.

Are clubs in Valencia Spain open every day of the week?

While some clubs are open late and run all night, others could only be open on certain days. For precise information, it is best to consult the schedules of each specific club.

Do I need to make reservations for clubs in Valencia Spain?

It is advisable to make reservations for renowned and exclusive clubs. Still, a lot of locations welcome impromptu visitors, particularly throughout the week.

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