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On The Wheels: Best Day Trips from Valencia for Solo Travelers Handbook 2024


I adore spending time in Valencia’s amazing region, and taking day trips from Valencia is one of my favorite activities. The city itself is amazing, with its cutting-edge buildings, quaint squares, and energetic vibe, but the surrounding countryside has so much more to offer.

These are my go-to getaways from Valencia’s bustle, whether I’m in the city for a few days or longer. Valencia is the third-largest city in Spain. The allure of it is that Valencia is ideally situated for day trips to several stunning locations.

Once I’ve marveled at the modern architecture, had coffee in the quaint squares, and indulged in some retail therapy in Valencia’s city center, I can’t wait to discover the thousands of years of rich cultural legacy in the surrounding districts.

My first choice when looking for the top attractions in Valencia to see on a half-day or full-day trip is this guide. My Spanish travels are always enhanced by these day trips from Valencia, whether it’s the scenic vistas, historical marvels, or undiscovered treasures.

So come along on these amazing adventures with me if you’re eager to explore beyond the city limits!

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I enjoy searching for hidden places, and one of my most recent finds is the lovely Aragonese city of Teruel. This little-known gem is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that genuinely awes the senses with its magnificent Mudejar architecture.

On The Wheels: Best Day Trips from Valencia for Solo Travelers Handbook 2024 10

There are many interesting tales about Teruel, but the Lovers’ story is among the most moving. Imagine this: Despite the girl’s father’s disapproval, a modest man and an affluent girl fall madly in love. In an attempt to gain his acceptance, the young guy sets off on a quest to find fortune.

 The romance, which is set in the thirteenth century and takes a tragic turn reminiscent of Romeo and Juliette, can be honored today by visiting their mausoleum, which is situated inside a Mudejar church from the sixteenth century.

Teruel is undoubtedly among the top Spanish cities to visit, in my opinion. Because of its tiny size, the city is ideal for a fun day trip from Valencia. But if you’re more of a slow traveler than I am, Teruel might be one of your best weekend adventures from Valencia. It’s a great idea to stay overnight in this charming city so you can take your time and enjoy all of its special beauty and rich history.

Directions are as follows:
Teruel is located 140 kilometers northwest of Valencia. It’s one of the most fascinating day trips from Valencia and can be reached by train in two and a half hours.


Peñiscola appears like something straight out of a postcard from a distance, and the allure is maintained as you make your way through the narrow cobblestone alleyways inside the castle walls. Just a gentle reminder that the rough and hilly old town streets are perfect for exploration, so comfortable shoes are a must.

On The Wheels: Best Day Trips from Valencia for Solo Travelers Handbook 2024 11

More than merely being the same as Meereen in Game of Thrones Season 6, Peñiscola is something I like deeply. This town’s magnificent Templar castle, located dramatically atop a cliff overlooking the sea, made it a tourist destination even before it became well-known on television. Ideally located for a leisurely stroll or some sunbathing, Peñiscola, on the Costa del Azahar, or Cherry Blossom Coast, offers kilometers of sandy beaches.

The Castle of Papa Luna, where Pedro Martínez Luna lived during his protracted banishment while arguments raged over the validity of his title, is without a doubt the show’s star. Discovering this historical treasure is essential as it provides insight into an intriguing period in the town’s history.

Directions are as follows:
In summer, go directly to Benicarló-Peñíscola (7km from Peñíscola city) from North Station by rail. The quickest trip is one hour and ten minutes. A bus service departs from Benicarló-Peñíscola once every hour. Take the train to Vinaràs if you visit in the low season. Every 30 minutes, a bus departs for Peñíscola from that location.


Gandia is the perfect place for a beach vacation because of its long coastline and crystal-clear blue waves. But the rich history of Gandia—especially its close ties to the Borja family—adds a special charm.

On The Wheels: Best Day Trips from Valencia for Solo Travelers Handbook 2024 12

Crown Hall and Golden Gallery, with five exquisite Baroque-style rooms, are what attract guests to this historical gem. The opulent Borja family later called the palace home after it was initially built in the early 1300s for the Royal Dukes of Gandia. San Francisco de Borja was born there, which is noteworthy. This gorgeous palace is a great place to add something special to your agenda if you’re traveling through Valencia. It provides a fascinating look into the past.

Directions are as follows:
Train travel from Valencia to Gandia is one of the better options. Reachable in less than an hour, it is located 72 kilometers to the south. Gandia (the city core) and Gandia Platja (the beach) are both accessible from Valencia Estacion del Norte via the Cercanias train C-1. Approximately 5 miles separates Gandia’s beaches from its historical center.


Historical Xàtiva is a great day trip destination near Valencia. It was a well-known linen manufacturer in Roman times, well-positioned on the Via Augusta. Leaping ahead several centuries, the establishment of Europe’s first paper mill in 1056 at Xàtiva was a major turning point, confirming the Arabs’ introduction of papermaking from China.

On The Wheels: Best Day Trips from Valencia for Solo Travelers Handbook 2024 13

Without a doubt, Xàtiva’s castle is its most notable feature. Situated on a hill with two peaks, it provides a pleasant experience for a relaxed day excursion from Valencia. Wandering around the walls, meandering through patios, and photographing the ruins’ fountains, local greenery, and flowering plants are all part of visiting the castle.

The castle offers very breathtaking views in all directions. Your day excursion from Valencia will be a great culinary experience thanks to the on-site restaurant‘s tempting cuisine, which includes local favorites like arroz al horno (oven-baked rice with pig and potatoes) and delicious Arabic desserts.

Directions are as follows:
It takes 35 minutes to get there and is located 66 kilometers south.

Albufera Natural Park

Valencia is well known for its contemporary atmosphere, particularly in relation to the futuristic City of Arts and Sciences. Still, finding Albufera, the neighboring wild paradise, is astounding. The communities that surround the Albufera Natural Park have a distinct, centuries-old way of life that is unaffected by modernization, giving the impression of stepping back in time.

On The Wheels: Best Day Trips from Valencia for Solo Travelers Handbook 2024 14

Being the birthplace of Spain’s most famous dish, paella, Albufera has special significance. With one of the most amazing day trips from Valencia, the charming village of El Palmar has grown to become a paella enthusiast’s pilgrimage destination.

Sailing around the lake, which is home to several bird species (particularly colorful in spring and fall), is a must-do experience. The lake’s splendor reaches its peak around sunset, offering amazing photo opportunities.

Directions are as follows:
Bus 25 departs the city center of Valencia and travels via El Saler to El Palmar. You can exit at El Palmar (for rice fields, paella, and boat rides) or Embarcadero de Albufera (for boat rides and sunset photos).

El Saler

Valencia has some amazing urban beaches, but El Saler Beach, which is located south of the city, is one of my favorite spots to get away from it all. It’s a hidden treasure that provides a calm and empty beach experience. Surrounded by distinctive native vegetation and rolling sand dunes, the fine sand beach is breathtaking. Even a magnificent pine forest may be reached from the shore.

On The Wheels: Best Day Trips from Valencia for Solo Travelers Handbook 2024 15

El Saler is where I go whenever I need to get away from the city. I can enjoy a serene day excursion from Valencia while connecting with nature thanks to the abundance of walking and bicycling trails. For a cool escape, I heartily suggest taking the bus, which is a convenient method to get there.

One of Europe’s top golf courses is located at the Parador de El Saler, a magnificent hotel and spa, for golf enthusiasts. If you’re searching for something to do outside of Valencia, this is a great choice. There are also a few rice and seafood restaurants along the shore. They are not particularly elegant, but they are practical and provide a taste of regional cuisine.

Directions are as follows:
From Valencia, you can take a bus tour to El Saler. Bus 25 departs for El Saler from Valencia’s city center, located on Calle Cerdán de Tallada.  El Saler and proceed on the trail surrounded by pine trees until you arrive at the beach, which should take around ten minutes.


Sagunto is without a doubt one of my best recommendations for a day trip from Valencia, particularly if you’re looking for a beach day that combines history and relaxation.

On The Wheels: Best Day Trips from Valencia for Solo Travelers Handbook 2024 16

First of all, it’s amazing to see the historic fortification atop the hill. Not even from the train can you miss it. You can get a distinctive and captivating perspective of the distant sea by strolling along the worn walls.

Not to be overlooked is the Roman Theater, a first-century ruin tucked away at the foot of the hill. It may surprise you to learn that events are being held there almost two millennia later. Every summer, they host a month-long celebration here.

You can now reach the harbor and the beach by continuing a little further. Many people praise this playa as a cool respite from Valencia’s busy metropolitan beaches. There are plenty of places to eat nearby, and the waterfront walk is quite enjoyable. Combining a day at the beach with history is like hitting two birds with one stone!

Directions are as follows:
Train service to Sagunto is available from North Station. There is a 20-minute travel time. It is possible to go directly to Puerto de Sagunto from the Valencia bus station by bus 115 (AVSA), or you may take a local bus from the Sagunto rail station to the beach.

Wrapping Up Day Trips from Valencia

Whether you’ve strolled through Xàtiva’s old alleyways, marveled at the contemporary City of Arts and Sciences, or simply lazed on Gandia’s immaculate beaches, it’s clear that the area has a lot to offer lone travelers.

Every trip offers a different window into the spirit and essence of Valencia and its environs, from the rich cultural tapestry to the picturesque natural formations scattered throughout the terrain. I hope that after reading this guide for independent travelers, you have found some undiscovered treasures, experienced the kindness of the people you meet, and made some truly life-changing experiences.


What are the best day trips from Valencia?

Explore breathtaking destinations like Albufera Natural Park, Xàtiva, and Sagunto on day trips from Valencia.

How can I connect with locals in Valencia?

Join local meetups, use social apps, and attend community events to make new friends and enhance your solo journey.

What is the best time to visit Valencia?

Spring and fall are ideal, offering pleasant weather and fewer crowds, creating a perfect setting for solo exploration.

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