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Top 8 Bars & Clubs in Oslo Revealed | Oslo After Dark


Greetings, Party Lovers!

When the sun sets, Oslo transforms into a mesmerizing place that calls the daring and the bold. Its daytime charms are revealed, and the city comes alive. The clubs in Oslo are a kaleidoscope of energy, culture, and unrestrained fun, right in the middle of the energetic city of Norway, where the northern lights of the nightlife dance in unison.

Oslo‘s nightlife is a symphony of lights and pulses that reverberates long after midnight, from elegant cocktail lounges tucked away in charming areas to throbbing dance floors that reverberate with beats from the contemporary north.

Take a trip through the city’s nighttime scenery, where each turn promises a remarkable evening and the excitement of nightfall is only equaled by the break of dawn in this treasure of the North. Welcome to Oslo’s nightlife, where the night is a live, breathing thing that is just waiting to be discovered. The night is not simply young here.

Norway’s energetic capital, Oslo, attracts both residents and tourists with its exciting nightlife. Look no further if you’re looking for a night out to remember. We’ll delve into the core of Oslo’s nightlife in this guide, covering the Top 8 Bars and clubs in Oslo that are essential to the city’s experience after dark.

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Blå: Where Nights Come Alive

Located in the vibrant and welcoming Grünerløkka neighborhood of Oslo, Blå aims to act as a springboard for upcoming national and international artists. Unquestionably, Blå is the birthplace of aspiring Norwegian musicians. Once the most well-known jazz venue in Oslo, Blå now hosts performers from all over the world and every imaginable musical genre.

Top 8 Bars & Clubs in Oslo Revealed | Oslo After Dark 10

Blå is an independent club featuring live modern jazz, hip-hop, R&B, and related music. It is a polished space that hosts both well-known international performers and up-and-coming acts from across the nation. In addition to live performances for the body, mind, and sound system, Blå offers the best outdoor café leisure on the banks of the Akerselva River during the summer.

Bortenfor: Beyond the Ordinary

Constructed within a former iron workshop, the Bortenfor bar boasts a cozy ambiance and a stimulating beverage selection. The pub shares a terrace with the nightclub Ingensteds on Fridays and Saturdays, which is located right next to the Akerselva River.

Top 8 Bars & Clubs in Oslo Revealed | Oslo After Dark 11

The bar, which offers one of the most inventive cocktail menus in the city, is a recent addition to Ingensted’s scene and spacious rooms, catering to those seeking a more private haven. The terrace that we share with Ingensteds serves as the entrance.

When you browse the menu, you get even more of a sense that this business is unique. They put a great deal of effort and in-depth knowledge into each cocktail they make. They also meticulously refine every flavor, are always on the lookout for fresh concepts and carefully consider how their drinks are put together.

Café Sara: Socializing at Sara’s Hangout

Cozy café and pub in the heart of Oslo with a big assortment of food and beverages, and a pleasant, roomy backyard. Café Sara is a fantastic restaurant with a large backyard, pleasant surroundings, and fairly priced food and drinks on the corner of Torggata and Hausmanns gate.

Top 8 Bars & Clubs in Oslo Revealed | Oslo After Dark 12

In Oslo, Café Sara is a well-known pub that has been operating for more than 30 years. In addition to a wide variety of beers, the pub serves dishes from around the globe. On chilly winter evenings, you can relax in the lovely backyard or lounge in front of the fireplace.

Every night, Café Sara serves cuisine till 02.45 am. With its extensive menu featuring wraps, baguettes, kebabs, salads, grilled meat, pizza, desserts, and snacks, there is something for every palate.

Angst: Let’s Meet the Art

Though Angst is still relatively new in Oslo, it has already made a name for itself as the spot to go on the weekends when the city’s trendiest residents congregate for an exciting night out! Because it’s small and intimate, bumping elbows with other patrons is part of the experience, and the music is always just right.

Situated next to Youngstorget, where several other hip bars are situated, it’s a pleasant spot to stop by for a few drinks before heading somewhere else. But during the day, it’s a fantastic, laid-back spot to grab coffee or chai and people-watch—a lot of creative types come here to grab a drink and talk about ideas.

Stratos: Heights of Entertainment

The rooftop bar at Stratos, which is situated above the historic Folketeater building in Youngstorget in old town Oslo, offers an absolutely stunning view over the Norwegian city. Stratos Indoor Lounge and Outdoor Terrace is a fantastic event space that can be booked and transformed into anything one may want for the majority of the year. Whether it’s a birthday celebration, conference, or marriage ceremony.

Top 8 Bars & Clubs in Oslo Revealed | Oslo After Dark 13

However, the rooftop is converted into “Summer Club,” one of Oslo’s trendiest party spots, every summer from the end of June to the middle of August, and everyone is invited. The rooftop bar, which is open from Thursday through Saturday, offers wine, beer, and cocktails along with a panoramic view and a lively ambiance that becomes even livelier on the weekends when local and international DJs play here.

Lawo: Where Rules Are Meant to be Broken

You can be confident that you will be well-cared for while you are at this club because it is renowned for its excellent service. House, Deep House, and Techno House music can be heard on the DJs’ setlist. The clubbers are transported to another dimension by the surreal light show.

Top 8 Bars & Clubs in Oslo Revealed | Oslo After Dark 14

If you want to skip the long line outside the club, you can have your name put on the guest list in advance. For those who have reserved their own tables, there is also a bottle service available. Numerous of Oslo’s largest parties are held in Lawo. The venue has hosted several musical performances by both domestic and foreign performers.

NOX / Sollihagen: Embracing the Dark Night

One nightclub where you may anticipate a lively celebration is Nox/Sollihagen. They accomplish this without sacrificing the caliber of service provided by the servers, bartenders, and security personnel. The club will play a variety of music, from house and EDM to mainstream.

Top 8 Bars & Clubs in Oslo Revealed | Oslo After Dark 15

Another well-known feature of Nox is its nightly light and effect display. Additionally, they offer a rooftop where you may unwind and sip cocktails on warm summer nights. Additionally, the club invites international DJs to play sets for the audience. By reserving ahead of time, you can even get a VIP table for your group.

The Villa: Dancing Oslo

One of the underground clubs that draws young people is The Villa. The newest rhythms are played in the halls by national and international DJs. Their primary concerns are the flat displays’ creative light design and acoustic quality. Numerous national and international honors have been won by the club. For this reason, there are a lot of people waiting for doors to open at all times.

Top 8 Bars & Clubs in Oslo Revealed | Oslo After Dark 16

The theater frequently hosts live acts, and the music thrills the audience. This venue plays dance and electronic music, which is ideal for a party. All around Norway, The Villa is renowned for its excellent service and amiable staff.

Final Words about Clubs in Oslo

These Bars and clubs serve as shining examples of the variety of nightlife in the center of Oslo. In my opinion, every location provides a distinct experience, accommodating a range of inclinations and preferences. Oslo has plenty to offer in terms of nightlife, whether you like thumping sounds, cozy settings, or expansive vistas.


What is the minimum age requirement to go clubbing in Oslo?

There are several differences between going out in Oslo and your native country. First, there can be age limitations. Anybody over 20 is welcome to enter most bars and clubs. This implies that you ought to hunt for a home with a lesser age restriction if you are under 19.

Is Oslo nightlife is good?

Despite being a small city, Oslo has enough to offer everyone, including delectable cocktails, laid-back lounges, and table dancing.

Is it required to make reservations at Club Lawo?

Yes, a reservation is required. It is advised to review the Lawo Club’s policies.

What makes Oslo’s nightlife unique?

The nightlife of Oslo is a colorful tapestry of diversity, with legendary venues like The Villa and hidden gems like Bortenfor. Every taste is catered to in the city, so everyone may have their ideal night out.

When is the ideal time to explore the nightlife of Oslo?

After dusk, Oslo comes to life, with prime time typically beginning around 10 PM. For the best experience, though, it’s important to review the timetables of each venue as each has its peak hours.

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