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Is Bergen A Romantic City: 8 Best Places for Couples After Dinner


Despite being the second-biggest city in Norway, Bergen feels like a small, cozy town with its narrow center situated between mountains. After a lovely dinner, this city has the ideal places for couples to hang around.

On Norway’s west coast, even in the towns, an outdoor lifestyle is the norm. Locals can be seen stomping around the city’s hiking trails during the day. Bergen’s cobblestone streets and coastal views make it a romantic getaway destination for couples. At night, Bergen comes to life as locals mingle with visitors and students in the pubs and clubs of the city, resulting in a lively nightlife scene ideal for couples seeking to spend a romantic evening together.

Several bars in the Bryggen neighborhood, which is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site, are expensive for visitors. Instead, travel to the bustling streets of Nygårdsgaten, where the university sector and city center meet, to make the most of your night out in Bergen.

Hotel Norge

Incorporate a romantic touch into your evening in Bergen by staying at this charming old hotel, which Scandic has recently restored with great care. The Lobby Bar offers a warm and welcoming greeting, regardless of whether you’re staying overnight or just looking for a classy evening out.

Is Bergen A Romantic City: 8 Best Places for Couples After Dinner 11

The cozy atmosphere of Café Norge on the ground level entices couples looking for a romantic spot for a night out in Bergen. Savor their specialty egg white cocktails and enjoy live DJ music. The setting is ideal for enjoying happy and connected moments together.

Savor delicious non-alcoholic beverages including the sweet-and-sour cranberry delight, non-alcoholic bubbles, and raspberry lemonade. Experience the attraction of Bergen with your special someone at these sophisticated locations, where a fusion of romance, history, and modern appeal brings the night to life.

Location: Nedre Ole Bullsplass 4 5012 Bergen

Phone: +47 55 55 40 00

Barista Bar

Explore the cozy charm of Øvregaten, a street known for its old stores brimming with enchanted trinkets from ceiling to floor. Bar Barista, is one of the places for couples looking for a romantic night out in Bergen, is tucked away within this vintage environment.

Is Bergen A Romantic City: 8 Best Places for Couples After Dinner 12

The interior design radiates a maximalist antique aesthetic that is creatively infused and endearingly fanciful, welcoming couples to experience an imaginative voyage. Take in the lively ambiance, which is decorated with hues and interesting objects that encourage engagement and conversation.

The barista provides a cozy embrace where health and happiness come first. Aside from the pleasantly stiff exotic animals on display, the welcoming owners and staff create a homely atmosphere. Savor the house specialty, waffles, or indulge in a lovely drink from the large beer menu. This location, which occasionally hosts literary and musical cultural events, is a sanctuary for rest, guaranteeing that every moment is spent making treasured memories and having fun with one another.

Location: Øvregaten 12, 5003 Bergen, Norway

Open: From Sunday-Thursday: 15.00-23.00. Friday-Saturday: 15.00-24.00.

Phone: +47 46 94 07 34

No Stress

In Bergen, Norway, No Stress beckons couples looking for a private getaway. It wants to be a place where lovers may relax, cuddle up with upholstered vintage furniture, and have sweet talks. The ambiance feels like a classic cellar chamber, with a charming romantic vibe that blends in wonderfully with the laid-back vibe and loosely enforced ‘no ties permitted’ policy.

Is Bergen A Romantic City: 8 Best Places for Couples After Dinner 13

The little area creates a magical intimacy as knowledgeable cocktail makers prepare drinks in front of customers. Couples looking for an unforgettable night out need go no farther than No Stress’s enthralling charm.

Acknowledging the carefree essence of trendy popular culture, particularly on energetic weekend evenings when music fills the air, this venue provides a private haven for couples seeking to celebrate life’s milestones in an environment where skillful combination and first-rate service blend.

Location: Hollendergaten 11, 5017 Bergen, Norway

Open: From Monday-Thursday: 17.00-24.00. Friday-Saturday: 15.00-24.00. Sunday: 17.00-24.00.

Phone: +47 46 93 83 21

Magic Ice Bar

Magic Ice Bar Unlike regular bars, this one transports you to a frozen world made of dazzling ice, complete with tables, chairs, walls, and a bar. Thanks to its enticing appeal and a wide variety of delicious drinks, the environment manages to stay warm and pleasant even in the chilly milieu of five degrees.

Is Bergen A Romantic City: 8 Best Places for Couples After Dinner 14

Each couple receives a warm jacket and gloves as soon as they enter, guaranteeing a warm encounter. The statues of famous and lesser-known individuals adorn the chilly décor, which comes alive if the discussion stops.

The intriguing background is guaranteed to melt away any frostiness. Here, among the most magical places for couples to make timeless memories, the chilly atmosphere only increases the warmth of intimate moments spent under the ethereal glow of icy sculptures.

Location: C. Sundts Gate 50, 5004 Bergen, Norway

Open: From May to August: Sunday-Thursday: 11.00-23.00. Friday-Saturday: 11.00-24.00. From September to May: Sunday-Thursday: 16.00-21.00. Friday-Saturday: 16.00-22.00.

Phone: +47 93 00 80 23


Vaskeriet, a former laundry that has been renovated into a compelling venue. Even with a bar and tables added, the room maintains the simplicity of its beginnings and creates an atmosphere perfect for romantic conversation. Encouraging couples to dance beneath the gentle glow of ambient lights is the open bar area, with its understated elegance. If you plan to do more with your evening than just dance, booking in advance is a smart move because there are only a few tables available and they are always in demand.

Is Bergen A Romantic City: 8 Best Places for Couples After Dinner 15

Weekends bring a vibrant, upbeat vibe that’s perfect for couples looking to spend a happy night together. The air is filled with the beat of modern club music. Enchantingly, the concept of a silent disco evolves, giving each guest a headset to sync with their preferred music, enabling a dance-filled experience in a distinctively silent setting.

On weeknights when things are calmer, enjoy the peace while playing a game of table tennis or, on Tuesdays, enjoy the humor at stand-up comedy shows. One of the most romantic places for couples is Vaskeriet, where romance and simplicity coexist and every moment is a dance in the embrace of mutual bliss.

Location: Magnus Barfots gate 4, 5015 Bergen, Norway

Phone: +47 46 93 83 21

Café Opera

Café Opera is one of the perfect places for couples looking for romantic getaways in Bergen, Norway, as it provides a beautiful blend of atmospheres, activities, and clientele that flow smoothly from the calm mornings to the magical evenings. The atmosphere changes during the day, making it the ideal refuge for anyone who values the allure of a multicultural café.

Is Bergen A Romantic City: 8 Best Places for Couples After Dinner 16

Weekday evenings are comparatively calm, save for the exuberant energy that emerges on the city’s most popular quiz night. Look out for poetry evenings and jam sessions, which will enhance your visit’s closeness. The location becomes a haven for music lovers and couples alike as the weekend draws near and well-known figures from Bergen’s lively music scene, such as DJs and dancers, assemble. The unique melodies create an amazing atmosphere for an enchanted evening spent with your lover, resonating like a love song.

Location: Engen 18, 5011 Bergen, Norway

Open: Friday-Saturday: 11.00-03.00. Sunday: 12.00-23.30. From Monday to Wednesday: 11.00-23.30. Thursday: 11.00-01.30.

Phone: +47 55 23 03 15

Baklommen Bar

Tucked away in Bryggen’s old wooden buildings is Baklommen Bar, a warm hideout with a charming atmosphere. Wrapped into its softly lighted embrace by Bryggen’s classic sloping timber walls, this cozy cocktail bar welcomes couples. The worn-out hardwood floor, with its lovely imperfections, provides a whimsical touch that may cause you to feel a little unsteady—a feeling that will only be heightened by the thought of your first round of drinks.

Is Bergen A Romantic City: 8 Best Places for Couples After Dinner 17

The decor, which includes hardwood tables and low, sturdy leather chairs, creates an enchanted atmosphere that is ideal for a special get-together with the love of your life. Not only is Baklommen Bar a great place to catch up with old friends, but it also appeals to couples looking for a warm and inviting place to spend quality time together.

Location: Enhjørningsgården 29, 5003 Bergen, Norway

Open: From Tuesday to Saturday: 18.00-01.00. Sundays and Mondays: closed.

Phone: +47 55 30 69 55

Altona Vinbar

At Altona, you may lose yourself in the allure of cozy surroundings and the captivating glow of candlelight, making it one of the perfect places for couples looking to spend a romantic evening in Bergen, Norway. This sanctuary, named the greatest dating spot in the city by the readers of the biggest newspaper, has an atmosphere perfect for romantics.

Is Bergen A Romantic City: 8 Best Places for Couples After Dinner 18

Imagine a calm evening with the sound of glasses clinking and two hearts joined laughing together. Beyond just couples, groups are welcome to experience the enchantment of Altona. Wine lovers, in particular, will be spellbound by Altona’s superbly chosen assortment.

Altona is a place where love is stated clearly with every sip and glance, as recognized by the esteemed Wine Spectator, who gave the wine list two glasses out of three for quality and breadth.

Location: Strandgaten 81, 5004 Bergen, Norway

Open: From Monday to Saturday: 18.00-22.30. Sunday: closed.

Phone: +47 55 30 40 00

Final Thoughts about Places for Couples in Bergen

Norway’s Bergen is a romantic haven, with plenty to offer couples looking for a once-in-a-lifetime vacation. Every inch of this city, from its picturesque scenery to its cultural gems, embodies the essence of love. Set out on a lifelong romantic journey in Bergen and make unforgettable memories.


How can I make the most of my weekend trip to Bergen?

Sort the places you feel are a must-see according to your interests. Making plans in advance guarantees a rewarding weekend getaway, whether it’s for a romantic dinner, breathtaking scenery, or cultural events.

 Are there any lesser-known but equally beautiful hidden gems in Bergen?

Take a peaceful boat trip at Vågen Harbor or explore the secret corners of Nygårdsparken to get away from the crowds.

Are there any romantic activities in Bergen that are affordable?

Take a free stroll along Bryggen Wharf or spend no money seeing the quaint Old Town.

When is the ideal time to take a romantic vacation to Bergen?

Bergen is charming all year round, but for a genuinely enchanted trip, goes in late spring or early summer when the weather is nice and outdoor activities are abundant.

Is Bergen the right place for adventurous couples to go?

Of course! Adventure activities abound in Bergen, including hiking trails like Stoltzekleiven and breathtaking cable car trips. Couples that enjoy adventure will have lots to discover.

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