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Top 8 Tasty Restaurants in Longyearbyen


If you’re looking for the best, tastiest restaurants in Longyearbyen, look no further as we will show you where to eat at the greatest restaurants in this stunning city in this comprehensive guide.

 The tiny Norwegian city of Longyearbyen, which serves as the administrative hub of Svalbard, has 2,400 citizens from nearly 53 different nations. The High Arctic wilderness is immediately outside the little Arctic town’s door, and its residents are a close-knit community of nature lovers who endure challenging weather circumstances. The majority of adventures in Svalbard begin in Longyearbyen, which also serves as a gateway to outdoor activities. In a sense, the town center is where the Arctic wilderness begins, and it never stops!

Longyearbyen is located at latitude 78 North, which is only 1,316 kilometers from the North Pole. From Oslo or Tromsø, it takes three hours or 90 minutes to go to Longyearbyen. Spitsbergen, the largest island in the Svalbard archipelago, is where Longyearbyen is located. Longyearbyen, which has a permanent population of over 1,000, is the world’s most northern community, while Ny-Ålesund, a research facility, is located on Svalbard Island even further north.

Longyearbyen, the world’s northernmost town, may not be the first destination that comes to mind when thinking of gastronomic adventures. This isolated Arctic jewel, on the other hand, offers a surprisingly thriving food scene, with a variety of delectable dining alternatives.

This post will look at the “Tasty Restaurants in Longyearbyen” highlighting the distinctive tastes and sensations each provides.


★★★★★ (712)

Location:             SJ, Vei 300, Longyearbyen 9170, Svalbard & Jan Mayen

Cuisine:                Nordic, International

Specialty:            Arctic char with wild mushrooms

Timings:              6:00 PM to 10:00 PM


Contact:              +47 48 04 45 45

When I flew to Longyearbyen and had the chance to enjoy a single meal at one of the top Restaurants in Longyearbyen, Huset was my ultimate recommendation. Money was no object, and I was in for a delightful culinary experience.

Top 8 Tasty Restaurants in Longyearbyen 13

Huset’s dedication to sustainability and utilization of materials from the Arctic deserves my highest commendation. In addition to being beautifully prepared, their food is bursting with amazing tastes and meets all the criteria for a gourmet dining experience. Not to mention their outstanding wine cellar, which has won honors around Europe.

This dish is made more exceptional by its commitment to using only ingredients from the Arctic region. Considering that not much grows in a place like Svalbard, you might be wondering what is accessible there. Huset does, however, manage to include some regional goods in their selection. However, they also use products from countries like Finland and Arctic Norway to further boost the culinary experience.

In a nutshell, Huset in Longyearbyen delivers a unique dining experience that shouldn’t be missed. It’s a top pick for anyone looking for a memorable supper in this special part of the world because of its sustainable methods, use of the finest ingredients, and wide range of wines.


★★★★★ (519)

Location:             Funken, Longyearbyen 9170, Svalbard & Jan Mayen

Cuisine:                International, Scandinavian

Specialty:            Reindeer fillet with cranberry sauce

Timings:              7:00 AM to 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM to 11:00 PM


Contact:              +47 79 02 62 00

I had the pleasure of dining at Longyearbyen’s Funken Restaurant, which is located inside the luxurious Funken Lodge and is only a short stroll from the town’s center. Among the restaurants in Longyearbyen, this dining option is the best and highly recommended.

Top 8 Tasty Restaurants in Longyearbyen 14

The menu at Funken Restaurant features seasonal and ingredient availability-driven adjustments. While I was there, I chose the lamb meal, but there is a delicious range of selections available, including chicken, fish (typically cod or turbot), and vegetarian options.

On the menu, the King Crab is typically a standout item. Explore the variety of appetizers and desserts to round out your gourmet journey. Don’t forget to check out their huge selection of wines and Champagnes either. A lasting impression will be made by this fantastic dining experience.


★★★★★ (619)

Location:             6H2G+V6, Longyearbyen 9170, Svalbard & Jan Mayen

Cuisine:                International, European

Specialty:            Steak

Timings:              6:00 PM to 3:00 PM


Contact:              +47 90 22 25 57

I had the pleasure of dining at Gruvelageret, one of the standout restaurants in Longyearbyen. It provides a distinctive dining experience beyond the town’s core and is situated in the Sverdrupbyen former mining district. Longyearbyen, located beneath the glacier, has undergone a significant transformation, yet the old Gruvelageret structure has persisted and has served many functions throughout the years.

Top 8 Tasty Restaurants in Longyearbyen 15

The pleasant atmosphere of the restaurant, which is decorated with artifacts from Arctic Norway and Svalbard, is what gives it its attractiveness. Even though I enjoyed the lunch, I couldn’t help but wish the Argentinian beef on the menu had been replaced with something more environmentally friendly and appropriate for the High Arctic setting. The steak was absolutely wonderful, though.

Top 8 Tasty Restaurants in Longyearbyen 16

Remember that eating at Gruvelageret in Svalbard will set you back well over $100 per person, not including the wine list. It’s a good idea to make reservations in advance to guarantee a table at this exceptional eating establishment.


★★★★★ (1464)

Location:             6J8P+R9W, postboks 150, N-9171 Norway, Hilmar Rekstens vei, Longyearbyen, Svalbard & Jan Mayen

Cuisine:                Norwegian, European

Specialty:            Whale steak with lingonberry sauce

Timings:              11:30 AM to 2:00 AM


Contact:              +47 79 02 13 00

One of the top restaurants in Longyearbyen is Kroa, and I had a great time there. It is a flexible location that accommodates a range of tastes. I very clearly recall trying their wild pigeon, which was superb. I must say that although they have a great pizza menu, I tend to prefer their classic Arctic foods.

Top 8 Tasty Restaurants in Longyearbyen 17

On my most recent trip, however, I suddenly developed a yearning for pizza and gave in because it was delicious. Additionally, they provide items like burgers, the daily soup, klipfish, and more on their menu. It’s excellent that Kroa is available for lunch and is open every day until 2 a.m., giving customers a dependable and delectable alternative at any hour of the day. Kroa is unquestionably worthwhile for your Svalbard food tour!


★★★★★ (239)

Location:             SJ, Longyearbyen 9170, Svalbard & Jan Mayen

Cuisine:                Norwegian

Specialty:            Steak

Timings:              6:00 PM to 10:00 PM


Contact:              +47 79 02 37 02

Restaurants in Longyearbyen provide a one-of-a-kind eating experience, while Mary-Ann’s Polarrigg stands out as a popular accommodation option. The hotel’s on-site restaurant, Vinterhaugen, has been serving meals to guests since 2004 even if you aren’t staying there. I’ll admit that the restaurant’s beautiful green décor, which stood out against the arctic surroundings, was what inspired my initial reservation.

Top 8 Tasty Restaurants in Longyearbyen 18

Seal meat, a sustainable alternative in this region, was one of the dishes I had at Vinterhaugen that stood out the most. For me, it was a novel flavor that I had to acquire, but it was beautifully made. Later on in my vacation, I also tried dried seal at Huset Restaurant.

Top 8 Tasty Restaurants in Longyearbyen 19

Nevertheless, Vinterhaugen continues to be among the greatest restaurants in Longyearbyen, and I anxiously anticipate returning there in the future.

Camp Barentz

★★★★★ (108)

Location:             9170, Svalbard & Jan Mayen

Cuisine:                Norwegian

Specialty:            Steak

Timings:              11:30 AM to 12:00 AM

Longyearbyen offers a variety of food options, while Camp Barentz, which is close to the town, offers a special adventure. Hurtigruten Svalbard must be used for reservations to participate in this adventure, which is available all year long. Your attention will be drawn to the beautiful northern lights in the winter, while polar bear education will take center stage in the summer and shoulder seasons.

Top 8 Tasty Restaurants in Longyearbyen 20

No matter the season, a delicious dinner is provided, usually including the well-known Sami cuisine Bidos stew. Along with this, a delectable selection of bread, desserts, and beverages will be available to sate your appetite.

Top 8 Tasty Restaurants in Longyearbyen 21

In the heart of Longyearbyen’s breathtaking surroundings, Camp Barentz guarantees an excellent and unforgettable eating experience.

Coal Miner’s Bar & Grill

★★★★★ (262)

Location:             Vei 100, Longyearbyen 9171 Norway

Cuisine:                Barbecue, European, Grill, Pub, Scandinavian, Norwegian, Bar

Specialty:            Burgers

Timings:              12:00 PM to 10:00 PM


Contact:              +47 79 02 63 00

Coal Miners’ Bar & Grill is warmly welcomed by restaurants in Longyearbyen, where you may savor both lunch and dinner. This old restaurant has a relaxed atmosphere and offers inviting sofas and delicious, juicy burgers. Along with their renowned juicy burgers, the menu is wide and offers treats like cheese fondue and a variety of vegetarian and vegan options.

Top 8 Tasty Restaurants in Longyearbyen 22

The restaurant, which is housed in a 1948 miner’s mess hall, enchants you with its scenic surroundings and relaxed atmosphere. Imagine a relaxing evening after your outdoor adventures, complete with superb pub meals, locally brewed beer, and fun board games. You’ll quickly realize that even though it might be a bit of a walk from your lodgings, the burgers are worth the trip on their own.

Final Thoughts Regarding Restaurants in Longyearbyen

Restaurants in Longyearbyen provide a unique culinary experience. There is plenty to please every palate, whether you’re indulging in Arctic fusion meals, relishing fresh seafood, or discovering world flavors. Longyearbyen attracts both foodies and adventurers because of its distinctive fusion of regional specialties and global influences.

So have the Tasty Restaurants in Longyearbyen on your agenda as you prepare for your Arctic trip. Your palate will appreciate it.


When is the ideal time to visit the restaurants in Longyearbyen?

Most possibilities are available between June and August because some areas may close throughout the winter because of bad weather.

Are there options that are vegan and vegetarian?

Yes, the majority of dining establishments in Longyearbyen serve vegetarian and vegan food to satisfy a range of dietary requirements.

Do I need to make reservations in advance?

Making reservations is a smart idea because restaurants can get busy, especially during the busiest travel season.

What is the average price of dining at restaurants in Longyearbyen?

Expect to pay between 300 and 500 NOK for a main dinner, not including drinks.

Can I eat in Longyearbyen and see the Northern Lights?

Yes, especially in the winter, you may frequently see the enthralling Northern Lights from a lot of restaurants.

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