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Where Magic Meets Comfort: 9 Best Hotels for Northern Lights Chasers


Are you ready to chase the Northern Lights? This guide will help you find the best hotels where you can stay and have a mesmerizing Northern Lights experience.

Norway has a wealth of unique hotel choices, and choosing a suitable spot can truly enhance your journey. This is not a nation of huge, fancy cities where you would expect to find a five-star hotel. A great place to stay is one of the easiest ways to make sure you enjoy Norway’s rich culture and stunning scenery, which are its greatest assets.

This holds particularly true, in my opinion, for a journey to see the northern lights. Naturally, if all you want to do is view the northern lights, you can simply book a hotel in Tromsø and go on a trip outside of the city to chase the lights. You’ll have an amazing time, I’m sure.

Where Magic Meets Comfort: 9 Best Hotels for Northern Lights Chasers 13

But what if you could witness the northern lights from the comfort of your own glass igloo?

Forget about staying warm—you could spend the night in a real snow-and ice-built igloo!

Or perhaps you would rather have a real Norwegian cabin encounter?

Here are a few of my top picks for the best hotels in Norway that overlook the northern lights.

I’ve also shared the best places to witness northern lights here.

Kokelv Arctic Dome

The Kokelv Arctic Dome is an excellent place to see the northern lights; in fact, I had a hard time falling asleep here since the lights kept popping up over my bed. It’s somewhat more private than staying in an igloo hotel made of glass.

Where Magic Meets Comfort: 9 Best Hotels for Northern Lights Chasers 14

Aside from the complete, unhindered view of the sky afforded by the dome’s hilltop location, guests staying here will also enjoy the use of a turf house designed in the Sami way, complete with a kitchen, shower, and sauna.

You’ll need a car for this one because Kokelv is approximately a two-hour drive from Alta, but the trip will be well worth it, I assure you. It’s a lovely drive, too.

Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel

Consider booking a stay at an igloo hotel composed of snow and ice if you truly want an unforgettable experience.

The Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel is the world’s northernmost Igloo hotel and the second one of its kind. Every year, a team of skilled artisans and builders collaborate to construct a unique and interesting hotel with a different design.

Where Magic Meets Comfort: 9 Best Hotels for Northern Lights Chasers 15

A total of 7,000 m3 of snow and 250 tonnes of ice are needed to build the 2,500 m2 Igloo Hotel. They get their ice from Sierravann, which is a short distance from Sorrisniva in the Alta Valley, and then they make the snow using water from the well-known Alta River, which is just a few yards near the hotel.

Beautiful ice sculptures may be found within the Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel, which is made completely of snow and ice and is recreated at the beginning of each winter season. Rest assured, they offer incredibly cozy sleeping bags and reindeer hides to keep you warmer within the igloo at nighttime.

SnowHotel Kirkenes

Greetings from the only snow hotel in the world that is open 365 days a year. Many tourists now visit snow hotels in search of genuine Arctic beauty and really uncommon experiences. Since 2006, visitors to Norway’s farthest north can experience the magic of winter at the Kirkenes Snowhotel.

Where Magic Meets Comfort: 9 Best Hotels for Northern Lights Chasers 16

While there are many different rooms available at Kirkenes Snowhotel, the 20 rooms made entirely of snow and ice are the most well-liked. You can choose to spend the night in a warm cabin and visit the ice hotel during the day. They also have cozy tiny rooms with large windows facing north.

They also host husky sledding, northern lights chasing trips, and king crab fishing expeditions in addition to having a team of huskies and reindeer on the property. I had the most amazing experience when I came here alone. There’s a ton to do, and the staff is really welcoming, so I never felt uncomfortable being there by myself.

Norwegian Wild on Senja

The ideal getaway into the wilderness is the island of Senja, which is around a 2.5-hour drive from Tromsø. This area is fantastic for chasing the northern lights, and the scenery is breathtaking. If you want to see the northern lights without going on a tour, Senja is actually one of the best sites to do so on your own, in my opinion.

Where Magic Meets Comfort: 9 Best Hotels for Northern Lights Chasers 17

I suggest lodging at Norwegian Wild, which provides a good variety of lodging choices, ranging from simple wooden cabins to their stunning lighthouse and Arctic Dome. Hege, the owner, is also among the kindest persons I’ve ever met.

GLØD Aurora Canvas Dome in Alta

Hidden deep in the woodlands of stunning Alta in Northern Norway lays the Arctic Dome of Glød.  You may see the northern lights and the natural world via the glass windows. The best of both worlds is what’s within the Arctic Dome. A charming landscape that feels intimately connected to the splendor of nature. Also, a higher level of living is guaranteed by contemporary design and clever solutions.

Where Magic Meets Comfort: 9 Best Hotels for Northern Lights Chasers 18

You genuinely live so near to nature that you can hear and witness little birds and squirrels outside your huge windows. Cozy oven heat and comfy down duvets help you to sleep soundly at night. And from the bed, if luck favors you, you might be able to see the dazzling northern lights. You won’t have to go outside to use the restroom because there is an attached bathroom. They will also bring coffee to you in the morning and light the wood-burning oven for you.

Dyrøy Holiday

Dyrøy Holiday provides a peaceful and quiet vacation. From our spacious cabins and condo by the sea, you can witness the Northern Lights in the fall and winter and take in the Midnight Sun in summertime. You may go hiking in the mountains from the cabins by the sea. All ages can enjoy the hiking routes, which start directly from the cabins and range in difficulty.

Where Magic Meets Comfort: 9 Best Hotels for Northern Lights Chasers 19

To ensure you get the best out of your time in Northern Norway, they arrange a variety of winter activities during the day in addition to having an outdoor hot tub where you can relax while watching the northern lights. This is the place to stay if you’re looking for a peaceful getaway in some of Norway’s most stunning scenery.

Narvik Arctic Dome

The breathtaking view was the most unexpected feature of staying in an Arctic dome. They have amazing views of the neighboring fjord, Ofotfjord, and the town that was nearby because we were situated on a hillside. The arctic dome tent was only a short stroll from neighboring homes and a ski lift, but it seemed utterly isolated from the town.

Where Magic Meets Comfort: 9 Best Hotels for Northern Lights Chasers 20

You will have the entire mountainside to yourself when visiting Narvik’s Arctic Dome, which is situated above the town. Additionally, you may travel across the border to Abisko, which is renowned for having the clearest sky for the best northern lights viewing, if you rent a car for your stay here.

The Lofoten Links Lodges on the island of Gimsøy are a more lavish destination where you may enjoy the comforts of home while viewing the northern lights. Although I stayed here by myself, I think that visiting with a family or group of friends would be enjoyable because of how spacious the cabins are.

Where Magic Meets Comfort: 9 Best Hotels for Northern Lights Chasers 21

Gimsøy is the greatest site in Lofoten to see the northern lights because of its clear northerly viewpoint, very dark skies, and massive windows that face north for optimum aurora watching. The rooms at this villa include a TV with satellite channels and an entirely separate washroom. Towels, hair dryers, and bath sheets are provided, along with a sauna and shower.

Svinøya Rorbuer

It is situated in Svolvær, the Lofoten Islandsprincipal city. With all the shops, restaurants, and tours you could want, it’s a fantastic starting point for exploring the remainder of Lofoten. In the past, there used to be more than eighty fisher huts. However, the cabins grew exceedingly dated with time, which left them in terrible condition.

Where Magic Meets Comfort: 9 Best Hotels for Northern Lights Chasers 22

It grew larger and larger with time. Currently, they have more than fifty Rorbu cabins, some genuine and some recently constructed with the traditional design in mind. They are all up to date and can accommodate single visitors, couples, friends, families, and groups of up to eight people.

The Rorbu cabins are characterized by their red color and their construction on poles above the lake. It has a warm yet modern aesthetic. There are bedrooms, kitchens, saunas, and bathrooms in the cabins.

Wrapping up Hotels for Northern Lights

Making a fantasy come true for your Northern Lights vacation depends on picking the ideal accommodation. Take a trip that combines luxury, comfort, and the breathtaking Aurora Borealis display with our carefully chosen list and practical advice. Experience the Northern Lights with us!


What is the cost of renting in a glass igloo?

The average cost of an Arctic dome, also known as a glass igloo, is $150 a night; however, the cost can rise sharply based on the location and other amenities. While some glass igloos may accommodate four individuals, others can only accommodate two.

Does staying in a glass igloo make it worthwhile?

Indeed, I believe that for a truly unique experience when visiting the Arctic, it is worthwhile to stay in a glass igloo or Arctic dome! While lodging in glass igloos can be expensive, it’s a unique opportunity to explore the Arctic and attempt to see the northern lights.

Are these hotels appropriate for solo travelers?

Of course! The suggested hotels give priority to lone visitors, guaranteeing a warm and secure stay for anyone looking to observe the Northern Lights on their own.

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