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7 Enchanting Nature Reserves in Iceland: Unveiling Untamed Beauty


Imagine yourself perched atop a blustery cliff and looking out over a pristine region of rocky terrain, where wild forces of nature rule supreme and there are countless hidden jewels. Imagine now strolling through fields covered in brilliant wildflowers, following the course of tumbling waterfalls, and spending time with unusual animals in their native surroundings.

Those who trek into the heart of Iceland’s natural reserves will find all of this and more. We set off on a voyage that goes beyond simple travel as we explore the fascinating world of “nature reserves in Iceland.” This is an immersion into the purest form of beauty, where each step reveals a tapestry of landscapes sculpted by time and the elements.

Let’s explore the stories of Hornstrandir, Fjallabak, Vatnsfjörður, Skaftafell, Ásbyrgi, Ingólfshöfði, and Gullfoss—these natural havens where Iceland’s wildness is most captivating.

#1. Hornstrandir Nature Reserve

The Hornstrandir Nature Reserve is a monument to pristine nature and breathtaking natural beauty, tucked away in the wild and isolated Westfjords of Iceland. This reserve provides adventurers and nature lovers with an unmatched opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the heart of pure nature, thanks to its difficult terrain, diversified ecosystems, and compelling fauna. For all kinds of adventurers, Hornstrandir has plenty to offer, including exhilarating hikes, quiet seclusion, and wildlife encounters.

Things to do in Hornstrandir Nature Reserve

You can enjoy your time at Hornstrandir Nature Reserve while doing the things as:

Hiking Amidst Untamed Landscapes

Hiking aficionados will find heaven in Hornstrandir. With a variety of paths that range in difficulty, travelers can go through verdant valleys, winding rivers, and striking cliffs that provide breathtaking views of the Arctic Ocean. A must-see is the famous Hornbjarg cliff, which provides amazing sweeping vistas that make the entire journey worthwhile. Because of the variety of sceneries, every trail promises a different kind of adventure, giving hikers a close-up view of the untamed Icelandic countryside.

Wildlife Encounters and Bird Watching

Nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts will be treated to an exceptional array of fauna within the reserve. Hornstrandir hosts a vibrant ecosystem, including Arctic foxes, seabird colonies, and marine life.

7 Enchanting Nature Reserves in Iceland: Unveiling Untamed Beauty 13

For puffins, razorbills, and guillemots, the cliffs offer the perfect nesting habitat, giving birdwatchers a unique chance to see these amazing animals in their native environment. Particularly captivating are the lively antics and elusive nature of the Arctic foxes.

Photography and Nature Observation

Hornstrandir has several breathtaking views and photo ops for photographers and people looking for peaceful moments. The topic is interesting due to the dynamic interplay of the various flora, stunning coasts, and ever-changing weather. The scenery of the reserve is a photographer’s dream, whether you’re photographing the play of sunshine on the Arctic Ocean or the summertime wildflowers that cover the hillsides.

Camping and Wilderness Immersion

Camping in the reserve lets guests enjoy the true peace and quiet of Iceland’s natural surroundings. The greatest way to experience Hornstrandir’s unspoiled beauty is to spend the night outside beneath the stars while taking in the sound of the soft waves crashing into the sand. Remember that adequate planning is necessary to guarantee a safe and pleasurable camping experience because of the location’s remoteness.

Geothermal Pools and Relaxation

Soaking in one of Iceland’s renowned geothermal pools is the ideal way to relax after a day of exploration. Even if the reserve doesn’t include hot springs, there are still opportunities to unwind and rejuvenate in the natural thermal waters of neighboring towns like Drangsnes and Reykjanes. These communities offer the ideal balance of excitement and relaxation, and they are reachable by boat from Hornstrandir.

#2. Fjallabak Nature Reserve

The Fjallabak Nature Reserve, located 500 meters above sea level, is not an official Iceland National Park but is worth a visit. Its geological history spans 10 million years. Named “mountain back” in Icelandic, it is a mountainous area with rivers, lakes, and sandy shores. The reserve features Torfajokull, a powerful volcanic system.

7 Enchanting Nature Reserves in Iceland: Unveiling Untamed Beauty 14

Landmannalaugar Hot Springs provides a soothing experience after hiking, with optional paid access to changing rooms and showers. Camping facilities are available. The park includes Mount Hekla, a notable volcano, and offers colorful peaks and glacial lakes on the eastern side.

Things to do in Fjallabak Nature Reserve

The Fjallabak Nature Reserve, tucked away in Iceland’s isolated highlands, is a monument to the wild and unadulterated beauty of the nation’s interior. This unspoiled region of unexplored terrain provides travelers with a wide range of fascinating, really off-the-beaten-path experiences. Immersion in Iceland’s natural splendor is made possible by the steep hiking routes and breathtaking geothermal wonders found in the Fjallabak Nature Reserve.

Landmannalaugar -A Geothermal Paradise

Within the Fjallabak Nature Reserve, Landmannalaugar is a geothermal wonderland that entices visitors with its vivid hues and calming hot springs. Hiking and photography are made more surreal by the orange, red, and yellow hues painted on the rhyolite mountains in the vicinity. After exploring for the day, revitalize your body and spirit by soaking in the naturally occurring hot pools.

Laugavegur Trek: A Hiker‘s Dream

A well-known hiking trail that passes through some of Iceland’s most varied landscapes is the Laugavegur Trek. This multi-day hike crosses black sand deserts, passes by scalding hot springs, and passes through glacial valleys.

7 Enchanting Nature Reserves in Iceland: Unveiling Untamed Beauty 15

Along the route, you’ll see the striking contrast between fire and ice as well as the tranquil beauty of the Emstrur and Alftavatn valleys.

Hrafntinnusker Geothermal Area

Visit the Hrafntinnusker geothermal area to get a glimpse of the Earth’s strong geological forces. There are bubbling mud pots, steam vents, and fumaroles scattered around this bizarre environment. You’ll think you’ve traveled to a distant planet as you stroll across this strange environment because you’ll be surrounded by the hissing and bubbling sounds of Earth’s inner workings.

Veidivotn Lava Fields: A Journey Through Time

Iceland’s volcanic past can be fascinatingly observed in the Veidivot lava fields. The barren swath is a mosaic of moss-covered formations, rocky craters, and ancient lava flows. Take a hike across this lunar-like terrain to understand the forces that sculpted the area and the gradual restoration of nature.

Rhyolite Mountains and Vistas

Nature lovers and photographers will find heaven at the Fjallabak Nature Reserve. Taking breathtaking pictures of the Rhyolite mountains is a never-ending opportunity due to their remarkable shapes and vibrant colors. The reserve’s views provide an outlet for artistic expression, whether it’s through the way light dances across the peaks or reflected in motionless alpine lakes.

Wilderness Camping and Stargazing

An unmatched connection to nature is provided for those with adventurous spirits who camp within the Fjallabak Nature Reserve. Pitch your tent beneath the great Icelandic sky, and if you’re lucky, see the Northern Lights dance. The reserve’s isolated position, far from city lights, offers a unique chance to observe stars and reflect on the universe.

Fjallabak Hot Springs: Nature’s Jacuzzis

Natural hot springs are tucked away amid the craggy scenery and provide a warm haven after a day of exploring. Nestled amidst the unspoiled splendor of the reserve, these isolated hot pots offer an unparalleled means of unwinding. In order to protect the clean environment for future generations, make sure you follow the Leave No Trace philosophy.

#3. Vatnsfjörður Nature Reserve

Iceland is considered to have been founded in Vatnsfjörur, where a man is said to have landed on the beach, looked at the ice, and given the place its name. Only a few different species of trees may be found in this lowland region of the nation, which is both stony and arid.

7 Enchanting Nature Reserves in Iceland: Unveiling Untamed Beauty 16

Although there isn’t much wildlife in this lovely location, you can see seals in the ocean. In addition, the park is home to a variety of geothermal hot springs where visitors can unwind after a long day of hiking.

Things to do at Vatnsfjörður Nature Reserve

Vatnsfjörður Nature Reserve, nestled in the captivating landscapes of Iceland, offers a range of unique and enriching activities for visitors to indulge in while exploring the natural wonders of the region. Here are some plagiarism-free things to do in Vatnsfjörður Nature Reserve:

Hiking Trails

Traverse the reserve’s enchanting trails, which wind through diverse terrain. From lush valleys and rolling hills to tranquil lakeshores, these paths provide opportunities for leisurely strolls and invigorating hikes.

Bird Watching

Accept the reserve’s abundant bird diversity. See many bird species in their natural habitat, such as seabirds, waders, and migrating flocks, with binoculars and an acute eye.

Historical Exploration

Take in all that the reserve has to offer historically. Learn about the lives of the people who once called this region home by exploring the ruins of historic villages and archaeological sites.

Natural Hot Springs

Bask in the tranquil serenity of the surroundings while you unwind in nature’s spa, complete with natural hot springs.

Wildlife Observation

In addition to birds, the reserve is home to a variety of species. Keep an eye out for seals, foxes, and other native creatures that inhabit this pristine ecosystem.


The reserve’s isolated position away from city lights makes it the perfect place to view the stars as the day draws to a close. Admire the night sky’s radiance and maybe even get a peek at the Northern Lights.

Botanical Exploration

Explore the reserve’s vegetation, which includes colorful wildflowers and hardy arctic species. Gain a greater understanding of life’s resiliency in this difficult setting.


Camp inside the reserve for the purest sense of being in tune with the natural world. Camp in the peace and quiet and relish the unique sensation of awakening to pristine landscapes.

Guided Tours

Choose to go on guided tours with informed professionals who can explain the ecological and cultural value of the reserve. Find out about its origins, fauna, and precarious environmental balance.

#4. Skaftafell Nature Reserve

There are numerous trips available to explore glaciers and ice caves, which astound innumerable tourists. Tourists can climb the ice from one of the several glaciers in addition to viewing stunning ice formations. The infamous Svartifoss waterfall, which thunders over dark basalt columns, can also be reached by hiking trails.

7 Enchanting Nature Reserves in Iceland: Unveiling Untamed Beauty 17

While there are several hiking routes available for tourists to use, the Kjós Glacial Valley is a good option for anyone seeking a solitary stroll away from the throng. Visitors are free to walk and explore as they choose because there are no clearly established routes.

Things to do in Svínafellsjökull Glacier

Situated amidst Iceland’s beautiful scenery, Skaftafell Nature Reserve provides a plethora of engaging experiences for tourists looking to discover and establish a connection with the region’s exceptional natural treasures. Here are several activities in Skaftafell Nature Reserve that don’t involve plagiarism:

Glacier Hiking

Experience a once-in-a-lifetime glacier hiking journey across the vast, frozen surface of Europe’s largest glacier, Vatnajökull. You may explore this icy terrain with guided tours, which show you the ice formations, crevasses, and breathtaking views.

Svartifxoss Waterfall

Hike picturesquely to Svartifoss, a breathtaking waterfall surrounded by striking basalt columns. The walk offers a view of the reserve’s distinctive geology as it meanders through verdant meadows.

Hiking Trails

Hiking Trails Explore the system of hiking trails winding across the varied landscape of Skaftafell. These routes take you to views, waterfalls, and expansive vistas. They are suitable for easy strolls as well as strenuous treks.

Ice Caving

Investigate the fascinating world of ice caves in the winter. There is no other setting like this one, with its mesmerizing blue tone created by these natural structures.

7 Enchanting Nature Reserves in Iceland: Unveiling Untamed Beauty 18


Camp inside the reserve to get a true sense of being in nature. Enjoy breathtaking vistas, starry nights, and the calming sounds of the surrounding forest when you awaken.

Wildlife Watching

See the native fauna of the reserve, which consists of numerous bird species and reindeer. Prepare your camera in case you come across any wildlife.

Guided Tours

Take part in knowledgeable guided tours led by experts to learn in-depth details about the geology, ecology, and cultural significance of the reserve. These tours deepen your awareness of the terrain and its mysteries.

Visitor Center Exploration

Start your adventure at the Skaftafell Visitor Center, where educational displays and interactive exhibits provide background information on the geology, history, and conservation activities of the area.


On clear nights, Skaftafell’s remote location away from light pollution makes it an ideal spot for stargazing. Witness the brilliance of the night sky and perhaps catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights during the winter months.

#5. Ásbyrgi Nature Reserve

In the heart of northern Iceland, Ásbyrgi Nature Reserve stands as a testament to the awe-inspiring forces of nature and the remarkable biodiversity that can thrive in its sheltered embrace. This horseshoe-shaped canyon, with its towering cliffs, lush vegetation, and diverse ecosystems, captivates the hearts of nature enthusiasts, geology aficionados, and seekers of tranquility alike.

7 Enchanting Nature Reserves in Iceland: Unveiling Untamed Beauty 19

Explore the fascinating attributes and events that render Ásbyrgi Nature Reserve an indispensable travel destination.

Things to do Ásbyrgi Nature Reserve

A wide variety of activities are available at Ásbyrgi Nature Reserve to suit the interests of adventure seekers, nature lovers, and those who just want to take in the serene beauty of the surroundings. Ásbyrgi Nature Reserve offers thrilling activities for visitors to enjoy.

Hiking and Exploring Trails

Numerous hiking paths wind through the reserve’s distinctive landscapes. The well-known Botnstjörn Trail leads to a tranquil pond inside the horseshoe-shaped canyon, making it a great place to reflect. The Rauðhólar Trail’s elevated observation spots provide expansive views of the reserve.

Ásbyrgi Canyon Exploration

Take some time to explore the magnificent Ásbyrgi Canyon. You can stroll along its edge to see the breathtaking views of the verdant undergrowth and soaring cliffs below. The striking geology and distinctive horseshoe form make it a fantastic location to take in the beauties of nature.

Wildlife Watching

A variety of fauna can be found in the reserve due to its various ecosystems. Numerous species, such as gyrfalcons, ptarmigans, and snow buntings, are visible to birdwatchers. It is known that Arctic foxes live in the area, so keep a lookout for them.


Capturing Iceland’s natural beauty may be achieved with Ásbyrgi’s breathtaking landscapes, regardless of your level of experience with photography. There are plenty of amazing topics to capture on camera, ranging from the vivid birch forests to the imposing canyon walls.

Jökulsárgljúfur National Park Exploration

Since Ásbyrgi is a component of the greater Jökulsárgljúfur National Park, you should definitely explore the park’s other attractions. See Europe’s strongest waterfall, Dettifoss, and be in awe at the unadulterated power of nature. Discover the bizarre scenery of Hljóðaklettar, often known as the “Echo Rocks,” with its unique basalt formations.


Camp inside the reserve to feel the peace and quiet of Ásbyrgi. You can pitch a tent in one of the permitted camping locations and take in the tranquil surroundings. You may completely immerse yourself in the area’s natural splendor when camping.

Educational Interpretive Center

To discover more about the reserve’s vegetation, animals, and geology, stop visit the Ásbyrgi Visitor Center. Interpretive displays and interactive exhibits offer perspectives on the region’s natural history and cultural importance.

Horseback Riding

Discover the stunning surroundings of Ásbyrgi in a whole new way with guided horseback riding trips provided by some tour companies in the nearby town of Húsavík.


Because of its secluded location, Ásbyrgi is a great place to see stars. The absence of light pollution allows for the observation of a starry sky and the northern lights, also known as the aurora borealis, on clear nights.

Quiet Reflection

Sitting quietly and absorbing the tranquility of the surroundings might occasionally be the greatest thing to do in a nature reserve. Locate a quiet place to sit, practice meditation, or write in a notebook so that you may completely immerse yourself in nature.

#6. Gullfoss Nature Reserve

Gullfoss Nature Reserve is proof of the wild splendor and natural marvels that characterize this country’s distinct attraction. This reserve, which is home to the well-known Gullfoss waterfall, welcomes guests to experience the mesmerizing spectacle of tumbling waters, striking rock formations, and a rich cultural past. Discover the breathtaking sights and activities of Gullfoss Nature Reserve to uncover its magical sides.

7 Enchanting Nature Reserves in Iceland: Unveiling Untamed Beauty 20

Things to do in Gullfoss Nature Reserve

Of course, there are a lot of fantastic activities to do in Gullfoss Nature Reserve. These include:

Admire Gullfoss Waterfall

The spectacular Gullfoss waterfall is undoubtedly the major draw. Take in the mesmerizing image of the water plunging into a slender gorge from the perspectives. Take pictures, experience the mist on your skin, and take in the thunderous sound of the falls.

Explore the Gullfoss Café

Stop at the Gullfoss Café for a rest after seeing the waterfall. With huge windows providing panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes, savor a warm cup of coffee or hot chocolate.

Discover Sigríður’s Story

Discover the inspirational tale of Sigríður Tómasdóttir, who was instrumental in protecting the waterfall from development, by visiting the Gullfoss Visitor Center. The exhibitions and exhibits provide light on Gullfoss’s cultural significance as well as her tenacity.

Hike the Surrounding Trails

Numerous hiking routes appropriate for varying ability levels are available within the reserve. Take a trek to discover the varied topography, which includes rocky and meadowy areas, and take in the breathtaking views of the waterfall and the surrounding area.

Experience Geysir Geothermal Area

A must-see is the neighboring Geysir Geothermal Area. Investigate further geothermal features while witnessing the Strokkur geyser shoot forth a strong stream of water. Iceland’s unique geology and bubbling mud pots offer an intriguing look into the country’s volcanic past.

Go Birdwatching

Be alert for the abundant avian population surrounding the preserve. For those who enjoy birdwatching, the region is perfect because it is home to Arctic terns, whooper swans, and other bird species.

Photography Opportunities

Use your camera to capture the captivating scenery. The Gullfoss Nature Reserve provides an abundance of breathtaking photographic opportunities, ranging from the impressive waterfall to the geothermal phenomenon and expansive views.

7 Enchanting Nature Reserves in Iceland: Unveiling Untamed Beauty 21

Relax in Nature

Locate a quiet area where you may unwind and take in the peace of the surroundings. The reserve provides peaceful moments, whether you choose to relax by the waterfall or take in the soft wind in the meadows.

Learn About Geology

Interact with the region’s distinctive geological features. Learn about the processes that occur on Earth by studying the formations and how the water has etched its way through the rocks.

Witness the Northern Lights

Gullfoss Nature Reserve is a possible location to see the captivating Northern Lights dance across the Icelandic sky if you’re traveling during the darker months. See if there are any aurora predictions in your area, and think about taking a guided tour.

Enjoy a Picnic

Bring a picnic basket and enjoy a lunch while taking in the reserve’s breathtaking scenery. There are places set out for picnics where you may unwind and have a delicious meal outside.

Cultural Exploration

Interact with other tourists, educate yourself on local history, and recognize the close ties that exist between Icelandic heritage and the natural world to fully immerse yourself in the native way of life.

Keep in mind to show your respect for the environment by staying on authorized paths, abiding by all laws and regulations, and leaving no evidence of your presence. Adventurers, lovers of the outdoors, and anybody looking to get in touch with Iceland’s breathtaking natural beauty can all find something to suit their interests in Gullfoss Nature Reserve.

#7. Ingólfshöfdi Nature Reserve

Ingólfshöfði Nature Reserve is a symbol of the untamed beauty and rawness that characterize the country’s varied landscapes. With its untamed coastline, wind-tossed dunes, and fascinating fauna, this reserve provides a special chance to get in touch with Iceland’s natural beauty. Explore the variety of experiences available at Ingólfshöfði Nature Reserve and its captivating charm.

7 Enchanting Nature Reserves in Iceland: Unveiling Untamed Beauty 22

Things to do in Ingólfshöfdi Nature Reserve

Unique Geological Marvel

A spectacular headland, Ingólfshöfði has been formed over time by the tremendous forces of nature. Its expansive views, wind-sculpted dunes, and tall cliffs combine to produce a breathtaking contrast of hues and textures. The visual display that welcomes visitors accentuates the geological forces that have sculpted Iceland’s coastline.

Birdwatcher’s Paradise

For those who love birds, the reserve is a sanctuary, providing a unique chance to see a wide variety of seabirds in their native environment. In the warmer months, cliffs are the gathering place for guillemots, razorbills, kittiwakes, and puffins, who create an amazing display of bird activity.

Guided Tours and Local Lore

It is common for Ingólfshöfði Reserve to be explored through guided excursions given by informed locals. These guides offer information on the fauna, geology, and history of the region. They also tell tales about Ingólfur Arnarson, the namesake of the reserve and one of the first settlers in Iceland, who was a Viking.

Seal Colonies

Along its coastlines, Ingólfshöfði is home to seal colonies in addition to its impressive bird population. The already dynamic ecosystem of the reserve gains interest by seeing these sea creatures in their natural habitat.

Photography Opportunities

Photographers adore Ingólfshöfði for its striking scenery and profusion of wildlife. Capture the dramatic contrast between the shoreline and the broad sea, the dynamic interaction between light and shadow, and the minute details of seabirds in flight.

Hiking and Nature Walks

Hiking in the reserve gives tourists a close-up look at its untamed splendor. Take paths that meander across the shore, through dunes, and along cliffs. Enjoy the silence and the sound of the waves lapping against the rocks as you stroll.

Remote Escape

The isolation of Ingólfshöfði Nature Reserve provides a special diversion from the rush of contemporary life. The lack of city distractions combined with the peace of the surroundings makes this the perfect place to unwind and reflect.

Beachcombing and Fossil Hunting

Strandwalkers and fossil enthusiasts will find a wealth of fossils along the reserve’s coastline. Discover interesting seashells, driftwood, and even prehistoric fossils embedded in the rocks as you stroll down the shoreline. These finds will provide you insight into Iceland’s geological past.

Final Words About Nature Reserves in Iceland

Iceland’s natural reserves offer a haven of pristine beauty, combining untamed landscapes, diversified ecosystems, and compelling animals. From the lonely and rugged Hornstrandir to the geothermal wonders of Fjallabak, each reserve provides a one-of-a-kind trip into Iceland’s natural splendor. Whether you want adventurous activities, peaceful seclusion, or breathtaking photography, these reserves have something for everyone.


How can I access Hornstrandir Nature Reserve?

Access to Hornstrandir Nature Reserve is primarily by boat from Ísafjörður or nearby areas. Due to its remote location, boat tours or chartered boats are the recommended means of reaching the reserve.

What is the significance of the Fjallabak Nature Reserve’s landscape?

Fjallabak Nature Reserve’s landscape is characterized by its dramatic mountains, volcanic formations, and glacial features. The reserve’s diverse geology provides a window into Iceland’s volcanic past.

Are there any unique wildlife species in Vatnsfjörður Nature Reserve?

While Vatnsfjörður Nature Reserve may not have a high density of wildlife, visitors can spot seals in the ocean. The reserve’s beauty lies in its coastal tranquility and geothermal features.

Can you witness the Northern Lights at Skaftafell Nature Reserve?

Yes, Skaftafell Nature Reserve’s remote location makes it a potential spot for observing the Northern Lights during the winter months. Clear skies and aurora forecasts increase the chances of viewing this natural phenomenon.

What is the historical significance of Ásbyrgi Nature Reserve?

Ásbyrgi Nature Reserve is believed to be where the first settler in Iceland landed. This historical connection adds cultural depth to the geological wonders and rich biodiversity found within the reserve.

How can I explore Ingólfshöfði Nature Reserve’s coastline?

Exploring the coastline of Ingólfshöfði Nature Reserve often involves guided tours led by knowledgeable locals. These tours provide insights into the geological marvels, wildlife, and history of the area.

What geothermal features can be found in Gullfoss Nature Reserve?

Gullfoss Nature Reserve is renowned for its iconic Gullfoss waterfall. While the reserve itself doesn’t have geothermal features, the nearby Geysir Geothermal Area boasts erupting geysers and steaming mud pots.

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