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Travel Solo The World Dangerous Lighthouse IN Iceland 2023


Hello there, adventurous travelers!

Today, let’s travel to the Thridrangar lighthouse, commonly referred to as the “world dangerous lighthouse,” to learn more about this intriguing and rather unsettling location. This lighthouse, which is located in the breathtaking landscapes of Iceland, serves as both an exciting tourist attraction and a navigational aid for sailors navigating the dangerous waters.

Let’s map out the allure of this perilous lighthouse as we explore the magical region of Iceland, learn about the hidden treasures of nature reserves, and picture ourselves hiking through lush forests and mind-blowing mountains.

So join me as I describe the splendors of this world’s dangerous lighthouse, a genuine Icelandic gem that calls to the adventurous soul within us.

The Thridrangar Lighthouse – World Dangerous Lighthouse

Imagine yourself standing at the tip of the earth with nothing but the wide ocean in front of you. You’ll feel it when you visit the world dangerous lighthouse that is Thridrangar lighthouse, which is placed precariously on cliffs in Iceland. The tales of daring rescues and ships navigating the treacherous waters of the North Atlantic are some of the stories this lighthouse carries, and I frequently find myself getting lost in them. However, it’s not just the lighthouse that draws you in; the entire Icelandic landscape seems to have been painted on it by Mother Nature.

Travel Solo The World Dangerous Lighthouse IN Iceland 2023 9

Access: By Helicopter Only
Name: Thridrangar Means “Three Rock Pillars” in English
Location: Near The Vestmannaeyjar (or Westman) islands In Southwest Iceland
Coordinates: 63 29.3258 N,20 30.7935 W
Height: 120 Feet
Mainland: Around 4.5 Miles of the Coast of The Icelandic Mainland

About the Thridrangar Lighthouse

Three abandoned rocks—Klofadrangur, Thufudrangur, and Storidrangur—are referred to by the name Þrídrangaviti (sometimes spelled Thridrangaviti or Thridrangar), which means “three rock pillars” and is where the lighthouse is situated. The lighthouse stands 7.4 meters tall, its lamp is 34 meters above sea level, and the cliff on which it is perched is 120 meters high.

The Incredible Tale of How It Was Built

When I discovered the background of the world’s most dangerous lighthouse, I was astounded. Even while it can appear as though the lighthouse was recently built, it was erected in 1938, before the Second World War, which is astonishing to think about. I certainly appreciate their efforts even more now that I have access to the modern gear and greater equipment that those working on projects like this had back then. The way it was created is what makes this world-dangerous lighthouse unique.

Travel Solo The World Dangerous Lighthouse IN Iceland 2023 10

It wasn’t a job for the weak of the heart because expert mountaineers were required to construct and assemble the lighthouse. Leading the charge was Arni Thorarinsson, a writer and journalist who poured his energy into making this project happen.

Travel Solo The World Dangerous Lighthouse IN Iceland 2023 11

Under extremely bad weather, the construction crew had to scale the cliffs and lay the foundation. The lives of the workers could be lost with just one slip-up or misstep. It is stated that at one point, the crew’s climbing equipment was also unusable, so they constructed a human pyramid to ascend the rock. The world’s dangerous lighthouse is therefore remarkable for more than just the region it is in, as it is also an example of the courage and determination required to see such a project through to completion.

The Area Around Thridrangar Lighthouse

I can’t help but become excited about the adventure that lies ahead when I consider visiting the area around the Thridrangaviti Lighthouse. The journey is made even more thrilling by this lighthouse, which is regarded as one of the world’s most dangerous lighthouses. I can’t wait to take in the stunning coastline vistas that surround the lighthouse as we head out on our exploration. The scenery promises to be very breathtaking, with rocky cliffs and pounding surf.

Travel Solo The World Dangerous Lighthouse IN Iceland 2023 12

I’m hoping that as I explore the area, we’ll come across some undiscovered pathways and possibly even some native wildlife. In addition to being a voyage, exploring the area around Thridrangaviti Lighthouse offers a chance to engage with the past, take in the present, and enjoy the sense of risk that comes with visiting this world-dangerous lighthouse.

But wait, there’s more.

There is a lot to do in the Westman Islands even if this lighthouse is not accessible to the general public and requires a helicopter. The largest island, Heimaey, has a population of 4300. The archipelago’s remaining 15 islands are deserted.

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These islands have two volcanoes as well as a large number of seabirds, particularly puffins, seals, and whales. Both the 1973 eruption of one and the eruption of the other 6000 years ago forced people to leave the islands.

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This Island was created between 1963 and 1967 as a result of a single subterranean eruption. Being deserted and unaltered by humans since its origin makes it exceptional. As a result, it provides distinctive data on plant and animal life and is essential to research on colonization and succession. It has received a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Wrapping Up!

So, my fellow explorers keep in mind that the Thridrangar lighthouse is more than simply a building; it’s a gateway to a different realm as we move further on this trip together. It serves as evidence of how people and the environment coexist peacefully and serves as a reminder that even in the face of peril, beauty and bravery triumph.

Join me as we discover Iceland’s tucked-away nooks, navigate the seas of its breathtaking landscapes, and be in awe of a lighthouse that has weathered the test of time. And who knows, maybe one day we’ll be on those cliffs, the wind in our hair, and awe in our hearts, prepared to appreciate the astounding magnificence of this wonderful location.

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How to visit Thridrangar lighthouse?

The only way to access this world’s dangerous lighthouse is through a helicopter.

Is it possible to have a guided tour of the Thridrangar lighthouse region and the Icelandic countryside?

Yes, guided tours are an excellent way to see this magnificent area. You can follow knowledgeable guides through the hiking trails, hear amazing tales about the lighthouse, and learn about the magical secrets of Iceland’s natural world.

What safety measures must I take into consideration when visiting the cliffs and lighthouse at Thridrangar?

With such difficult terrain, safety comes first. Make sure you have the appropriate hiking gear with you and adhere to the directions provided by your tour guides when visiting Thridrangar lighthouse and the surrounding cliffs. The best way to have a safe and happy time in Iceland is to dress in layers and bring necessities like water, snacks, and a first aid kit.

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