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10 Most Stunning National Parks to Visit | Norway’s Wilderness Wonderland


Norway has some of the world’s most beautiful national parks. Norway sets out when it comes to beautiful natural landscapes and untapped wilderness. For those who love the great outdoors, Norway is a haven of wild beauty and the majesty of Mother Nature. This Scandinavian gem is home to some of the most breathtaking national parks on earth, with its majestic fjords, beautiful forests, and lakes so pure they could make you believe in fairy tales.

Norway’s national parks offer a remarkable treasure trove of experiences for all types of travelers, including adventurous road trippers, foodies, hikers, and those who enjoy life’s festivals and delicacies at regional restaurants.

In this article, we’re going to take you on a virtual tour to discover the “10 Most Stunning National Parks in Norway.” With a variety of experiences and breathtaking views to enjoy, each of these places has a unique charm of its own.

A Memorable Journey

Visiting Norway’s national parks is more than simply a trip; it’s a life-changing experience. Whether you’re standing in front of a giant glacier, kayaking on a beautiful lake, or watching the Northern Lights dance across the sky, these memories will last a lifetime. Norway’s national parks are a tribute to the country’s dedication to protecting and sharing its natural beauty with the rest of the world.

Witnessing National Parks of Norway

There are plenty of chances for exploration, adventure, and leisure in Norway’s national parks. There is something for everyone in these areas, whether your interests are hiking, wildlife photography, fishing, or just learning about the distinctive cultures and histories of these places. In addition to showcasing Norway’s breathtaking natural beauty, these national parks aid in the preservation of its exceptional ecosystems.

Planning Your Visit

When planning a trip to these breathtaking national parks, keep the following in mind:

Travel Season

Although Norway’s national parks are accessible all year round, the ideal time to go will depend on your own preferences. Hiking is best done in the summer, but skiing and other snow-related sports are available in the winter.


Take into account whether lodging is available close to the park of your choosing. While lodges and camping are available in certain parks, more advance planning may be necessary in others.


The first priority should always be safety. Make sure you are equipped and knowledgeable enough for the activities you have selected. Look for any park-specific regulations or travel advisories.

Guided Tours

To improve your experience and discover more about the history and ecology of the park, if you’re a first-time visitor, think about taking one of the guided tours or hiring knowledgeable locals.

Permits and Regulations

Certain activities, such as fishing, may call for permission. Learn the rules of the park and make sure you have the appropriate permits.

We’ve listed the top 10 National Parks in Norway in this article where you may go out and have a good time without worrying. So let’s jump right into this topic without further ado.

Møysalen National Park

Møysalen National Park offers breathtaking views, beautiful alpine scenery, and excellent hiking trails. Møysalen National Park spans 51 square kilometers, making it the third smallest national park in Norway. It was founded in 2003. Surrounded by the spectacular Møysalen Mountain and the surrounding Vesterålen Alps, a local term for the mountain range is the national park. The park has two glaciers, alpine mountains, abundant berry flora, and marshlands.

10 Most Stunning National Parks to Visit | Norway’s Wilderness Wonderland 17

Nestled in the mountainous region are several species of falcon, white-tailed and golden eagles, and vast populations of foxes, mink, hare, otter, and moose. Although there are many hiking possibilities throughout the national park and the environment protection area surrounding it, the alpine area is mostly appropriate for experienced hikers.

Folgefonna National Park

The third-largest glacier on the Norwegian mainland, Folgefonna, is the center of the national park. Stunning and exotic, this glacier has been attracting travelers since 1833. Here are rushing rivers of gushing meltwater, rugged valleys, glacier tongues and icefalls, and gorgeous summer grasslands.

10 Most Stunning National Parks to Visit | Norway’s Wilderness Wonderland 18

Folgefonna National Park is located in Hordaland County on the southern edge of the stunning Hardangerfjord. It is home to one of Norway’s greatest glaciers. The Folgefonna National Park was created in 2005. There are 46 national parks in Norway, this one included. At its core, as the name suggests, is Folgefonna, the third-largest and southernmost glacier in Norway.

10 Most Stunning National Parks to Visit | Norway’s Wilderness Wonderland 19

Folgefonna is made up of three glaciers, Nordfonna, Midtfonna, and Sørfonna, as well as many smaller glaciers, totaling 207 km. The glacier is approximately 400 meters deep at its thickest, and measurements indicate that 5500 millimeters of precipitation fall there each year.

Jotunheimen National Park

Experience the mountains at Jotunheimen and create lasting memories. Whether you’re looking to hike the tallest peaks or just spend time in nature beside a serene alpine lake, this place has options for everyone. You should explore the natural and cultural experiences in the settlements that surround the national park, which is located in the five municipalities of Lom, Luster, Vang, Vågå, and Årdal.

10 Most Stunning National Parks to Visit | Norway’s Wilderness Wonderland 20

High peaks, beautiful mountain valleys, and mountain lakes with fishing opportunities can all be found in the national park. Many people travel to Norway’s most beautiful lake, Gjende Lake, which is emerald green in color, each year to take part in the well-known mountain walk over Besseggen. Several alpine flora flourish at record-high altitudes in this area, and several predatory birds build their nests atop the sheer mountain cliffs.

10 Most Stunning National Parks to Visit | Norway’s Wilderness Wonderland 21

Jotunheimen’s over two thousand-meter-tall Mountains, such as the 2469-meter-tall Galdhøpiggen, showcase the best of nature. Jotunheimen has an abundance of breathtaking hikes and trails, breathtaking scenery, the air so pure you can’t imagine, and a wide range of exciting, entertaining, and family-friendly activities and adventures. This is the place to create lifelong memories! It makes no difference if you are an expert outdoorsman or a first-timer. For all ability levels, there is something to enjoy in the Jotunheimen National Park.

Øvre Pasvik National Park

Norway’s far northeast is home to Øvre Pasvik National Park, which is situated in the Pasvikdalen valley around 100 kilometers south of Kirkenes. Set between Finland and Russia is the Pasvikdalen valley.

Øvre Pasvik National Park is home to Norway’s largest virgin pine forest. This tapestry of pine forests, lakes, and marshes in the northwest corner of the Siberian taiga provides a wealth of amazing experiences. Summertime is the best time to visit this national park. You can hike on several paths at that time of year, but there aren’t any additional visitor amenities, and the flat terrain makes it challenging to establish your bearings.

10 Most Stunning National Parks to Visit | Norway’s Wilderness Wonderland 22

The virgin pine forest in Øvre Pasvik National Park is dominated by a large number of fallen and dead trees. Many uncommon kinds of lichen and poroid fungi find homes in the plentiful decaying wood. The bird species of the taiga forest can be found along this border region between Finland, Russia, and Norway. If you’re extremely lucky, you might even spot brown bear traces.

Stabbursdalen National Park

The west side of the Porsangerfjord is where you’ll find Stabbursdalen National Park in Norway’s extreme north. Only a 20-minute drive from Stabbursdalen, the settlement of Lakselv is located in the deepest part of the fjord.

10 Most Stunning National Parks to Visit | Norway’s Wilderness Wonderland 23

The majestic rivers and lakes, moorlands with sparkling mountain lakes, towering, desolate mountains, and deep valleys are all features of the Stabbursdalen National Park. Elevated above 1,000 meters, the Gáisaene mountains provide a striking contrast to Finnmark County’s mainly level landscape. There aren’t many waymarked paths or open grass huts or cottages in Stabbursdalen National Park, so you can enjoy the serenity while looking out over the level scenery.

10 Most Stunning National Parks to Visit | Norway’s Wilderness Wonderland 24

Stabbursdalen is home to the world’s northernmost pine forest, making it the most northern habitat for a variety of flora and fauna, including the Siberian jay and red squirrel. There is proof of human activity going back a very long period. The verdant Lompola, the slow-moving portion of the Stabburselva River, is located in the center of the overgrown pine forest.

Lofotodden National Park

The entire national park is situated on the island of Moskenesøy, which is far to the west of the Lofoten coastline. The distance between Lofotodden and the village of Leknes is less than an hour by car, and the town of Bodø on the mainland is approximately three hours away by boat. With rows of tall, narrow peaks encircled by the wide ocean, Lofotodden National Park boasts a distinctive landscape that is uncommon in the world of natural phenomena.

10 Most Stunning National Parks to Visit | Norway’s Wilderness Wonderland 25

Lofotodden provides several stunning and easily accessible picturesque experiences both on land and at sea. To enjoy an amazing view of the Lofoten archipelago, you don’t have to climb up the highest peaks. At one of Lofoten’s most stunning beaches, you can stroll barefoot and, if you’re feeling very daring, swim in the Atlantic Ocean. There are plenty of options for kayak or boat-led trips if you’d want to see the national park from the water.

Junkerdal National Park

Junkerdal is situated in the municipalities of Saltdal and Fauske, approximately one hour’s drive from Bodø. The national park shares a border with Sweden to the east. In addition, the mountains are highly calcareous, and the alpine vegetation in Junkerdal National Park is notably varied. The Junkerdalsura Nature Reserve, which borders the national park, is a botanical enthusiast’s dream come true. These calcareous mountains support a diverse range of wildlife in addition to serving as a home for endangered alpine plants.

10 Most Stunning National Parks to Visit | Norway’s Wilderness Wonderland 26

The national park is diverse, featuring rich fishing lakes, alpine mountains, expansive open spaces, and a vast variety of flora. Junkerdal National Park offers a variety of hiking trails and lodging choices, making it an excellent hiking destination. Observe the animals, birds, and reindeer. All year long, we urge you to keep your dog leashed. The national park is home to numerous endangered species of animals and birds, as well as a haven for mountain vegetation.

Lomsdal-Visten National Park

Situated in the southern region of Nordland, Lomsdal-Visten is roughly midway between Trondheim and Bodø. You are greeted in Lomsdal-Visten by broad valleys and narrow fjords, big and small rivers, and lakes, vast linked forest regions, moorlands, and alpine highlands that stretch into peaks and mountain ranges.

10 Most Stunning National Parks to Visit | Norway’s Wilderness Wonderland 27

There are huge tracts of old woodland, a mystical forest where wildlife and birds thrive. Even though the entire region is a historic Sami cultural setting, most people today would still refer to Lomsdal-Visten as a wilderness.

While the landscape’s unique features, such as its many strong waterfalls, make for an amazing experience, they also provide a problem while crossing rivers. Long-distance treks in a varied and challenging yet stunning landscape may be found at Lomsdal-Visten. There are traces of past communities as well as deserted farmsteads without road access along the fjords and in the valleys.

Jostedalsbreen National Park

The largest area of glaciers on a map of Norway is called Jostedalsbreen. In the districts of Sogn, Sunnfjord, and Nordfjord, the national park is located in western Norway, located between fjords and mountains. If you are traveling from Oslo or Bergen, you may have to cross the Sognefjord or the Strynefjellet mountains before you can glimpse the crown of blue ice among the mountain peaks.

10 Most Stunning National Parks to Visit | Norway’s Wilderness Wonderland 28

There are three official visitor centers within the national park where you may see, experience, and find out about local communities, climate challenges, and nature: The Norwegian Glacier is located near Jostedalsbreen National Park Centre in Oppstryn, which features a stone park, botanical gardens, and an emphasis on avalanches and landslides.

Jostedalsbreen provides a breathtaking view that is not soon forgotten. It can be amazing to see the blue ice and discover how water, rock, and ice shape the terrain. Tall peaks dominate the expansive glacial plateau.

10 Most Stunning National Parks to Visit | Norway’s Wilderness Wonderland 29

The many generations of grazing animals have shaped the terrain in the verdant, lush upland valleys. The sounds of singing birds and buzzing insects accentuate the flowery magnificence of the hillsides beneath the glacier on hot summer days.

Raet National Park

Located on the southern shore, Raet National Park is roughly sixty kilometers east of Kristiansand. The geological phenomena that inspired the name of Raet National Park. When the massive Scandinavian glacier retreated 11,000–12,000 years ago, it left behind the glacial deposit, known as the Ra Moraine. In the national park, everyone can see remnants of the previous Ice Age along the shoreline and on the numerous islets and skerries.

10 Most Stunning National Parks to Visit | Norway’s Wilderness Wonderland 30

Take a boat or a kayak tour in Raet National Park. We suggest free diving with a local guide or going on a snorkel dive tour if you want to explore what’s beneath the ocean’s surface. You may also enjoy the water with solid ground beneath your feet in Raet National Park. You can visit the lighthouses at Store Torungen and Lyngør, which both front the Skagerrak Strait, or go for a stroll along a beach.

Final Thoughts!

In summary, Norway’s national parks present an incredible chance to get in touch with nature and discover some of the world’s most pure and diverse ecosystems. From the rough mountains of Jotunheimen to the Arctic solitude of Lofotodden National Park, these parks offer visitors a variety of activities and stunning views.

Thus, think about traveling to one of Norway’s national parks if you’re looking for adventure, peace, or a better appreciation of the natural world. Don’t give up the opportunity to visit these national parks and make lasting memories. Plan your trip, take in Norway’s untamed splendor, and discover the enchantment of its national parks.


Where is Folgefonna?

Folgefonn peninsula in Hardanger covers areas in Jondal, Ullensvang, Odda, Etne, and Kvinnherad municipalities, all in Hordaland County.

What’s the best time to visit these national parks in Norway?

June through August is the best time of year to explore Norway’s national parks because of the nicest weather and longest daylight hours.

Are there camping facilities in these national parks?

Indeed, a lot of these parks have camping areas, ranging from straightforward campsites to fully furnished cottages. When it’s peak season, it’s best to make reservations in advance.

Can I spot wildlife in these national parks?

Of course! The national parks of Norway are a wildlife haven. Depending on the park, you might see foxes, musk oxen, reindeer, and a variety of bird species.

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